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Hardware and software are becoming more closely entwined.

Interview with Anique Heezen

The better hardware and software components are integrated in businesses, the more their IT can deliver. It is exactly this strength that has characterised Bechtle since the merger with Comsoft. A unique link up that fits in perfectly with the changing IT market. Anique Heezen, Sales Manager, explains the benefits for customers.

Both Comsoft and Bechtle employ sales reps with all-round IT knowledge and the consultant’s portfolios are both extensive and specialised.

By working closely together, we consolidate our expertise and can offer our customers solutions that work together seamlessly.

For every need.

End users also benefit from the merger. “The better equipped IT is, the easier end users can work with it. Our goal is that everyone gets the solution they need. Using asset management, we can determine the IT environment, including user profiles.

In this way, we ensure that every employee receives the best solution for their particular application—for one person, that could be a fully equipped desktop PC, while another may get much more out of a tablet.”

A new form of IT.

By outsourcing IT to the cloud, hardware and software are becoming increasingly entwined. “This development means that the market is adopting a new form of IT, even in terms of mentality. Moving data into the cloud means having to let go to remain flexible when it comes to scaling up your IT.

The added benefit is that total costs are lower and data security is boosted. This is why Bechtle wants to reach out to business on several levels, including strategically. In this way, we can provide optimum support for our customers to realise their vision.”