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Artificial intelligence: Data centres for the well-rested!

Slowly but surely, a revolution is coming to the world of data centres that will have dramatic consequences. It's increasingly important to reduce downtime, but making sure that your IT infrastructure is constantly available means it needs to be monitored around the clock. Of course this isn't always possible, and so errors are often only spotted when it's  too late meaning highly-trained IT professionals spend far too much time processing support tickets instead of focussing on  more important projects.

A growing number of enterprises have recognised this problem and are now relying on artificial intelligence in their data centres. This isn't just a pie in the sky solution aimed at large corporations. On the contrary, Bechtle and HPE offer a networked system specially designed to meet the needs of medium-sized companies. Even today, machine learning can predict and solve 86% of issues before they become a problem. An autonomous data centre is self-monitoring, self-healing and self-optimising.

You can sleep soundly, safe in the knowledge that a software update isn’t going to paralyse half of your infrastructure. InfoSight checks the compatibility of possible updates for customer-specific areas of application and derives targeted instructions for action, without any IT intervention.

Questions about independent data centres? 

Ask our experts.



Sander Hermans

Datacenter advisor

T +31 40 250 9017

Sander Hermans

Datacenter advisor

T +31 40 250 9017


With Infosight and Nimble we have a solution that massively relieves my team. Resources have been freed up which we can use to drive forward important digitalisation projects in the individual business areas.

Michael Schmidt, Head of IT

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An intelligent data centre. A dream for SMEs? Not at all. Find out more in our video. English subtitles are available in the video settings.

Artificial intelligence for your data centre.

A closer look at the figures reveals the advantages of using artificial intelligence and machine learning in data centres:


  • AI can automatically predict and solve 86% of all issues.
  • Unlike your IT team, the system doesn’t need sleep and therefore guarantees 99.9999% availability.
  • Our solution generates on average 73% fewer support tickets for storage problems, so your team spends 83% less time solving problems.
  • Infosight’s software intelligence currently relates exclusively to storage, but in the near future you will also be able to find this AI in other HPE infrastructure areas.

Prevents problems before they arise.

An autonomous data centre can eliminate bottlenecks before the customer even knows about them. It is reliable, highly available and saves time, money and a lot of stress. The advantages for you are clear:


  • Easy installation and extensive integration with most systems (e.g. VMware and Veeam).
  • Flash-optimised architecture for low latency and quick and reliable access to your data.
  • The entire infrastructure stack is monitored in real-time and non-storage specific problems are also resolved.
  • Only metadata is transferred; never your most-sensitive information.
  • Patches are only processed after verification and recommendation and are then made available across the entire system.
  • Triple+ Parity RAID tolerates up to three simultaneous drive errors and additionally protects with intra-drive parity monitoring.
  • Integrated application-consistent snapshots and replication as well as integration with leading backup software solutions.
  • Level 1 and 2 support is eliminated through automation so that you are immediately connected to the highest support level in case of problems.

Why Bechtle?

Bechtle offers you a complete solution that is individually tailored to your needs. We’ll help you chose the hardware that is the best fit for your data centre in order to effectively use and optimise available resources, and we are also at your side throughout the implementation process. We take into account not only your current infrastructure, but also your future IT development plans.


We have the highest partner status—HPE Platinum which includes all technical certifications, also in this solution area. We know our way around small and medium-sized companies in particular and are happy to bring our know-how to bear for you.