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The IT environment within your organisation is constantly changing, and your data centre needs to be flexible enough to respond accordingly. One example is the dynamic distribution of server and storage capacity. Offering speed, scalability and reliability, Bechtle’s data centre solutions ensure that your systems are future-proof.


Our certified solution advisers are up to speed with the latest technological developments. They are happy to give you individual, brand-independent advice on server, storage and power solutions and help you make the most of the capabilities of these technologies.

Contact one of our consultants directly.


Sander Hermans

Datacenter advisor

T +31 40 250 9017

Contact one of our consultants directly.


Sander Hermans

Datacenter advisor

T +31 40 250 9017

  • Brand-independent advice
  • Scalable
  • State-of-the-art technologies


IT trends that rely on server, storage and power as the basis for the whole infrastructure:


  • Big data
  • Converged infrastructure
  • Virtualisation
  • Software-defined infrastructure
  • Cloud

What sets us apart as a VAR are our installation and implementation services, migrating from old to new, and the fact that we can give brand-independent advice. This means we can eliminate all the hassle for organisations.

Power & cooling (emergency power)


Protection against external power interruptions and fluctuations is vital for a data centre. There are a number of solutions for eliminating peak voltages in the network and protecting against power failure. These solutions involve bringing all systems down in a controlled manner, with no loss of valuable data. Cooling is also key to the reliability of the equipment.


  • UPS systems (uninterruptible power systems)
  • Surge protection
  • Various cooling systems
  • Access management
  • Power distribution and energy savings

Individual solutions



Virtualisation creates a more flexible workspace in which the user has access to the digital environment anywhere, any time.


  • Desktop virtualisation
  • Application virtualisation
  • Server virtualisation 


Backup & disaster recovery


Good backup processes help to ensure the continuity of business processes. However, this process must be properly structured so that employees can get back to the task in hand swiftly after a power failure.


  • Disk to disk to tape
  • On-premise backup solution
  • Backup to the cloud



Operational costs can be substantially reduced by automating resource management processes. Implementing a transparent and efficient management environment is another way to cut costs.







Big “Smart” Data en High Performance Computing


De behoefte aan opslagcapaciteit en performance stijgt. Ook is er veel vraag naar intelligente opslagcapaciteit. Bechtle heeft specifiek geoptimaliseerde systemen beschikbaar voor:


  • Data analyses
  • Workflow optimalisaties
  • Business intelligence processen


A smarter approach to stored data reduces costs. An optimised storage environment is also becoming increasingly critical. Intelligent solutions include:


  • Auto-tiering
  • Deduplication
  • Thin provisioning


Performance can also be enhanced by implementing flash memories.

Converged Infrastructure

A converged infrastructure is a dynamic and efficient way of structuring shared server, storage and networking resources. These three components are easily managed from a single pane of glass management tool.

To discover which data centre solution is the best fit for your organisation, contact one of our account managers or our IT-Solutions team today. We will be happy to advise you.

Sander Hermans

Solution Advisor Datacenter

T +31 40 760 2881


Contact one of our consultants directly.


Sander Hermans

Datacenter advisor

T +31 40 250 9017

Other dynamic data centre options: