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Get ready for the exponential growth of data!

Bechtle Hybrid Back-end Security Solution.


How should a company deal with the exponential growth of data?

Data volumes are growing rapidly and are also being stored at several locations: on premise and in both public and private clouds, but this involves security risks and demands a solid security solution.. No company wants to be confronted by data breaches, hacking attacks, malware or ransomware.

Questions about hybrid back-end security?

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How do you keep track of and control where your data are stored?

Due to compliancy, security, risks and government regulations, many companies chose to store their data in multiple locations. For example, certain critical parts of the back-end IT environment may not be stored in a public cloud, but for specific data streams, it can be efficient to choose a cloud environment.


We at Bechtle believe in a flexible hybrid form that makes optimum use of the advantages of every platform, all in a single management console that makes all data streams transparent regardless of their location, ensuring the prevention and detection of all security risks and providing protection against all security risks.

What can a hybrid back-end security solution do for your company?

With this security solution we see to it that the beating heart of your company is protected and managed within a single management console, regardless where your IT environment is physically located. Bechtle's solution is suitable for on-premise, private and public clouds,  and hybrid IT environments (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud).



Why choose Bechtle's hybrid back-end data security solution?  

  • Complete IT back-end solution.
  • Security-as-a-Service: all-inclusive package including advice, insights, security and deployment.
  • Flexible invoicing model.


Because every organization is unique, we have put together different packages.

Of course, the package that you choose is tailored to the wishes and needs of your organization.