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Mobility via Bechtle

How we’re making corporate telephony part of your IT.


Smartphones are becoming increasingly valuable: they are often the first choice for all forms of business communication. Today, mobility has become part of your whole IT environment. At Bechtle, we’re combining telephony and IT. This makes us unique in the market.


Your employees want to be able to work from any location and are thus becoming increasingly mobile. Wherever they may be, they expect convenience, support, freedom and access to all business files. To be an attractive employer, you want to give them this too. But in a responsible way.


Unlike traditional telecoms providers, Bechtle is unique in that we combine telephony and IT. This allows us to help you with all elements, such as security, for example. We assess the desires and requirements to find your ideal mobility solution.


As well as devices and accessories, we are also able to customise the services to suit your organisation. This way, we can work together to come up with a custom solution that seamlessly fits into your current IT environment. We’re making IT work for your organisation, not the other way around.

Koen Buis

Workspace Consultant


T +31 40 760 2873

The mobility process is bespoke. I take care of the process from the assessment and consultancy right through to the implementation. Every organisation has different challenges and desires. Some companies opt for high-end devices with a straightforward package combining service and security package, but still including delivery to the employees’ homes. Or simply basic devices with an extensive service package. Anything is possible.


- Koen Buis, Workspace Consultant