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N.º del fabricante: 4WA11EA#ABH

N.º de Bechtle: 4436088-03

Tipo de carcasa: Sobremesa, Modelo de procesador: Intel Core i7-8700, 3,2 GHz, Memoria RAM: 8 GB, Sistema operativo: Windows 10 Pro 64 bits


Precio bruto: 3.118,17 € incl. 541,17 € IVA

Plazo de entrega estimado más de 20 días.

Transforme su espacio de ventas con un versátil sistema de punto de venta. El HP Engage One combina seguridad, resistencia y flexibilidad en un diseño único, lo que marca el comienzo de una nueva era en el comercio minorista.

desde 1.757,00

Precio bruto: 2.125,97 € incl. 368,97 € IVA

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The rising role of POS systems

Gone are the days when POS systems consisted of a simple till. In addition to displaying total sales and how much money is in the drawer, today’s systems must be able to differentiate between cash payments and card-based transactions. Shop owners also want to be able to incorporate expenses—not to mention keep records of goods ordered online and picked up in the store. Some companies even needs their POS system to link up with an ERP system. Mobile POS systems can enhance the purchasing experience and give employees more time to address customer questions and concerns in depth. While the required POS features vary from business to business, one thing is certain: these systems are complex computers that make the workday easier for everyone.


The right POS system to streamline your work

Finding the right POS system for your business not only ensures that the numbers add up, simplifying your bookkeeping, a tailored system can also boost efficiency and profits by reducing costs. A restaurant will have different requirements than a bookshop or grocer, which is why POS systems feature a variety of options. For example, you can choose between more or less memory, or whether to input data by keyboard or touchscreen. Individual countries may also require POS systems to meet specific legal requirements, which must be taken into consideration in order to be able to provide proof of proper cash management at all times.


A single source for the perfect POS system

We offer premium POS systems for all types of businesses. Purchase individual modules to meet your company’s specific requirements and build your custom POS system. Our experts will be happy to advise you throughout the process. Our portfolio includes  cutting-edge POS systems by HP as well as many other state-of-the-art devices. A filter lets you quickly and easily find the right counter-top system with just the processor you need. And we also carry a variety of monitors, including touch displays, and additional accessories.