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Bechtle Hosting & Operations GmbH & Co. KG Friedrichshafen

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Bechtle Hosting & Operations GmbH & Co. KG Friedrichshafen

Günther Frauenknecht
  • Locations: Neckarsulm (headquarters), Bochum, Dortmund and Friedrichshafen
  • Founded in: June 2007
Bechtle Hosting & Operations GmbH & Co. KG Friedrichshafen

Albert-Maier-Straße 21

88045 Friedrichshafen

Telefoon: +49 7132 981-5400

Fax: +49 7132 981-5410



Bechtle Hosting & Operations offers 24/7 IT support and operations services with a focus on Managed Service Desk, Managed Cloud Services, Managed Workplace, Managed Data Centre and Managed Network & Security. All services are provided remotely from Neckarsulm, Bochum and Friedrichshafen.

Our data centres are located in Frankfurt, Rüsselsheim, and Friedrichshafen. With their service managed installation, Bechtle Hosting & Operations also offers 900 installation spaces for preparing rollouts of IT end devices, servers, networks and server racks—integrated into the Bechtle logistic procurement process.



Managed Cloud Services (IaaS, Managed O365, Managed Azure), Managed Service Desk for IT users (1st and 2nd level), Managed Workplace (client management, software distribution, software packaging, endpoint security, mobile device management, application & desktop virtualisation), Managed Application (data bases, file & print services), Managed Data Centre (servers, operating systems, storage, endpoint security, hyperconverged, monitoring, backup, 24/7 operations centre), Managed Network & Security (firewall, LAN, WLAN, mail security, web security, load balancing, etc.), Managed Installation in the Bechtle installation centre (installation services for clients, tablets, servers, network components and server racks incl. cabling)

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Special offers.

Perfectly tailored with standard services combined with flexible modules, Managed Data Centre (IT operations services for customer on-premise data centres), 24/7 operations centre to free up customers' IT, Highly detailed monitoring (hardware, operating systems and applications), Bechtle private cloud, (virtual data centre with self-service feature and per-hour billing—easy to start, convenient to expand)