Bechtle AG turns in record earnings.


Neckarsulm, 27.01.2011 — According to the preliminary figures for 2010 Bechtle AG has recorded its most successful year to date with a revenue of some 1.7 thousand million euros and an EBT of approximately 61.7 million euros, which represents a growth in revenue of nearly 25 per cent compared to 2009. EBT increased dramatically by some 41 per cent. The EBT margin improved to 3.6 per cent, compared to 3.2 per cent in 2009.


In what is traditionally the industry's most productive time of year, Bechtle recorded 560 million euros revenue compared to 415 million euros in Q4 2009 for a 35 per cent growth in Q4 revenue. The EBT climbed by 30 per cent from 18.8 million euros in Q4 2009 to 24.4 million euros in the reporting year.


Thus, the group was also able to top its previous best performance for EBT (fiscal year 2008) thanks to the strong development in Q4 and the positive course of the first three quarters.


Bechtle AG is due to release all confirmed figures for the fiscal year 2010 17 March 2011.