Bechtle training centres in high demand.

Neckarsulm, 5 August 2010 — Bechtle training centres have been an integral partner in the IT industry for the past 15 years. The Bechtle training centres have dramatically expanded their services to keep in step with the ever-evolving developments in technology, offering a wide range of professional training services. More and more, the Bechtle training centres are assuming the complete responsibility of all their clients' training requirements.


Employees must be kept up to date on the latest technology and certified according to the latest standards. Effective training must be both flexible and efficient with respect to time and money. All 19 Bechtle training centres are well equipped to handle these demands: companies and public institutions across Germany take part in one-on-one training sessions, seminars, workshops and company training courses that amount to roughly 7 thousand days of training. “Many of our clients today operate their business on an international scale. Being certified is an important tool for them to advertise their qualifications. At the same time, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to be able to offer their employees the level of quality training necessary to cope with the growing demand. As a result, more and more clients entrust us with the task of handling all of their company training. That means, we take over the planning and coordination of the entire employee training programme for our client,” explains Angelika Pieta, director of the Bechtle training centre in Nuremberg and Würzburg.


Great wealth of experience.

Most clients opt for group seminars or individual, employee-specific traning sessions as opposed to standard seminars, in order to make the most efficient use of their budget possible. These seminars offer highly specialised training, instructed by highly qualified and competent trainers. Bechtle has many more resources at its disposal than merely what the market has to offer, being able to draw upon the valuable expertise and experience from the many professionals of Bechtle's 4,400 employees. “Since we can offer our customers everything from just one source, they profit from the added value that this brings: companies save time and money by letting us manage the entire value chain, from the organisation of seminars to quality assurance processes,” explains Angelika Pieta.


Client's right-hand man.

The experts at the training centres evaluate the possibilities of public funding of different training courses, create databases, keep employees informed of updates, and act as an interface with the purchasing department. In addition to processing all documentation related to completed certification programmes, the Bechtle training centre staff produce preliminary and annual reports for all training-related activity. This makes it easier to adapt the type of training offered to the individual needs of the client. Angelika Pieta explains, “For us, these are things that we deal with on a daily basis. We assume the responsibility for the client's training as a hired hand. The client's personnel employees are thus able to concentrate on their core competency and at the same time are able to ensure professional certification programmes for their employees.” Bechtle assumes responsibility of the planning, organisation, preparation and instruction of the training courses, as well as all the ensuing paper work involved. With revenues exceeding eight million euros, the 19 Bechtle training centres are among the industry's largest providers of corporate training.


Competent solutions from one source.

Upon the adoption of SAP software, VR Leasing from Eschborn in Frankfurt, Germany, awarded Bechtle with the task of training their employees how to use the application. They were looking for an experienced partner, who was able to offer all the necessary resources such as extra training facilities outside the premises of VR Leasing. The Bechtle training centre in Frankfurt was able to impress the decision makers at VR Leasing with a comprehensive portfolio that satisfied all technical as well as professional requirements. A decisive factor in winning the tender was Bechtle's experience in conducting highly complex user training courses in virtually all relevant IT-related fields. “With individual course material and the customised training programme, designed specifically for VR Leasing, the Bechtle instructors have prepared our staff more than adequately for the introduction of SAP FI / CO into our company processes,” claims the senior project manager of VR Leasing's process and product management division, Stefan Santel. Four Bechtle instructors trained some 800 VR Leasing employees in SAP over the course of approximately 100 training days.


Extensive portfolio.

“We train our clients' employees in such a way that they will be able to put to use what they learned. If, for example, an Office version upgrade is in the works, we place extra emphasis on the information that you need to know to help you best cope with the upgrade,” says Volker Wörtmann, director of the Bechtle training centre in Neckarsulm. Training centres such as those in Würzburg and Neckarsulm now offer extensive support in personnel development. Only a few years ago the seminar catalogue consisted primarily of IT topics. In order to accommodate the needs of today's market so that we can offer clients such as s.Oliver, VW OTLG or VR Leasing added value, the Bechtle training centres have added a series of soft skill courses to its portfolio. Demand for training units dealing with business etiquette, and oratory and telephone skills has been on the rise. Currently, demand is highest for Microsoft products with regard to software training, in Volker Wörtmann's assessment. “As far as hardware goes, the focus has shifted to the field of storage,” says Volker Wörtmann.