20 years of the Bechtle IT catalogue.

The Bechtle IT catalogue is celebrating its twentieth birthday this year. At the same time, the latest edition is setting the tone for a new generation of catalogues. The 42nd Bechtle IT catalogue provides an overview of thousands of products, as well as information on current IT trends, with a convenient, modern layout.


Neckarsulm, 17 October 2011 – With a print run of 150,000 copies throughout Europe and a current length of 640 pages, the Bechtle IT catalogue has developed into the IT industry's go-to reference work since the first edition was published in 1991. "It offers customers a structured look at Bechtle direct's extensive range, which includes more then 44,000 IT products—from shredders on up to zero clients. This overview is unique in Europe," says Jürgen Schäfer, COO IT E Commerce at Bechtle AG.


New and improved.

The content of the 42nd Bechtle IT catalogue is divided into twelve product categories based on a tried and tested classification system. It also features convenient manufacturer and keyword indices, as well as an extensive glossary of IT technical terms. The changes include a new layout and product recommendations that highlight products with special functions or features. There are also more info pages on current hot topics in IT, such as cloud computing or green IT, as well as additional references to the complete product range available in Bechtle's online shop at www.bechtle.co.uk. As of April 2011, the Bechtle IT catalogue is also available as an app for iPads and iPhones. "We've pulled off a bold balancing act with the new catalogue, maintaining established service elements that our customers appreciate, and adding unique new elements to make the catalogue exciting. I'm proud of the Bechtle catalogue, which continues to have the quality of a unique selling point in the industry," says Jürgen Schäfer. The print version, like other Bechtle corporate publications, is produced on eco-friendly paper from sustainable forestry.


International production.

Producing the catalogue, which is issued twice a year, takes several months. Some 100 Bechtle employees, along with numerous external partners, take part in production. Among those involved are the members of Bechtle's own translation team at company headquarters in Neckarsulm. Since starting international commerce in 1997, Bechtle has established companies in thirteen European countries. For this reason, the Bechtle IT catalogue appears in eight languages and seventeen international versions—including a special catalogue for the public sector. In Germany, Bechtle also issues special Bechtle catalogues focussing on the subjects of mobile computing; supplies; networks, servers and storage; and healthcare.


Ordering and downloading.

You can order a print copy of the Bechtle IT catalogue online at www.bechtle.co.uk > Info & Service > Special offers, newsletter, catalogue. You can also download it as an app for your iPad or iPhone from the AppStore.

Jürgen Schäfer
Bechtle IT Catalogue