Jul 15, 2022

Hybrid working

by Bechtle

Are you working at home, in the office or hybrid?

Over the past few years, we have come to realise the many advantages of hybrid working. It turns out that we enjoy having the ability to make time for things such as household tasks in the middle of the work day. The flexibility of working from home is therefore growing in popularity, but is your organisation prepared for the various forms of collaborative working? 


The figures don't lie: research by PwC (1) shows that almost half of the employees (44%) would prefer to work remotely three or more days a week. In addition, 73% of the people who can work from home say they do so whenever possible (2). We would like more flexibility in the way we work, but what do you need to consider to ensure the security of company data, without limiting the flexibility of your employees? 


Shadow IT. The risk of hybrid work.

As an organisation, many things are beyond your control when employees work from home or hybrid, resulting in various potential risks. One common phenomenon is Shadow IT. Information is transmitted or stored in an uncontrolled or unregulated manner. To prevent this, you must provide your employees with the right tools, so that they do not seek for alternatives that you as an organisation cannot control.


Phishing. Don't let your employees get hooked.

Since the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in phishing. The number of attacks have risen by 521%, according to Barracuda Networks (4). Malicious parties are taking advantage of hybrid and home workers. To keep your company data safe, it is important to educate your employees in the first place, so that they recognise phishing attacks. In addition, an organisation needs to invest in keeping software updates and network security up to date. This prevents unauthorised access to company data.


Facilitate the future. Use the office as a meeting place.

The office as we know it, a place to solely work, is transforming into a place to exchange information face-to-face (5). The office of the future is a source of inspiration, therefore, it should energise your employees and encourage creativity. The office will primarily be a space to connect, share knowledge and network. 


How do you facilitate the office for hybrid working?

  • User-friendly equipment: Adapt to the needs of your employees and make sure the equipment works smoothly. Nothing is more annoying than failing or slow equipment;
  • Everything in the cloud: Make sure your employees have access to the right data and applications anytime, anywhere;
  • Stable and fast connectivity: Is the WiFi in every room of the office strong enough and do your employees have a 5G data plan while on the road?
  • Data security: keep malicious people out with Zero Trust Network ;
  • Joint lunches or drinks: Organise fun activities to get together and strengthen the team spirit.


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This post was published on Jul 15, 2022.