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Mid-Range Storage (SC Series & Dell EMC Unity)


Dell EMC is focused on organizations that want to modernize their infrastructure and accelerate business outcomes by revolutionizing the speed and efficiency of their applications and driving cost down through workload consolidation, increased flexibility and huge reductions in physical footprints and on-going management expenses.


Midrange Storage is a critical part of our storage portfolio and can help customers on their IT and Digital Transformational journeys.


Customers appreciate how Dell EMC Midrange storage products balance today’s requirements of simplicity, performance, efficiency, extensibility, and dependability. 

Let’s look at each one in more detail:



Storage should be easy to setup, operate, and manage all of your workloads and with our midrange platforms.


You shouldn’t have to worry about not having enough performance and our midrange platforms offer the performance and scalability you require for any workload offering up to 400K+ IOPS with sub-ms latency and active/active architectures.


You are under pressure to deliver the most buck for your dollar and our midrange portfolio is the best value out there with awesome value per $.  Our SC 5020 offers lowest $/GB with Compression & Dedupe and all of our systems Unity and SC are backed by a 4 to 1 efficiency guarantee. Cloud tiering on Unity is another way to shift data off your primary storage into the cloud.


Customers want to invest today and be ready for tomorrow with future proof architectures, technology, and programs and we offer ways to upgrade controllers in place and migration to the latest systems online and with built-in technology.


Customers want to buy from companies they trust. Dell EMC is bringing decades of enterprise experience and features down to the midrange with proven 5 x 9’s reliability and assured with a 3 Year Money Back Warranty.


Key Mid-Range positioning points include:


  • Unified Block, File & Vvols
  • Inline Efficiency
  • Optimized for All Flash
  • Cloud Integration (snapshots and tier files to public & private cloud)
  • Simple to Install & Manage
  • Flexible Deployment Models (VSA, Converged or Appliance)

SC Series

  • SC Series is optimized for multi federation
  • Compression & Dedupe for AFA and Hybrid Arrays
  • Transparent Metro DR for Block with Live Volume
  • Flexible Block Protocols
  • Best in Class Data Progression and Raid Tiering