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Device as a Service

Device as a Service (DaaS) solutions are based on concept that is similar to a subscription model—instead of making a large, one-off investment in devices, you pay a monthly fixed fee for individual workstations. Worries about procurement, operation and device disposal are a thing of the past. For a fixed fee, you not only have devices you can rely on, but also the configuration, integration and maintenance you need.

The latest and most efficient devices configured to your specifications and delivered to employees at home or in the office.

60% less time spent on device management

Active monitoring of notebooks and desktops

Planable, transparent and scalable monthly costs

Maintain an overview of your IT expenditure with DaaS. Just like with a Spotify or Netflix subscription, you pay a fixed monthly fee for each workstation and only for what you use.



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Device as a Service combines multiple services into one contract with transparent and predictable costs that can boost your company’s ROI.

Whatare the benefits?


Cost control – Monthly costs are planable and transparent. You don’t have to make any advance investments.


Your IT department has less to juggle and no longer has to worry about device, lifecycle or incident management. You gain additional time for strategic IT projects such as optimising business processes.


  Thanks to proactive monitoring included in the DaaS Compute service, you can predict devices’ service life and technical issues and thus reduce downtime and boost employee productivity.


Thanks to active monitoring included in the DaaS Compute service, you have an insight into how devices are being used at each workstation so you know which ones are under or overperforming and make better decisions in the future.


Employee benefits





IT department benefits


 IT staff are relieved of tasks related to preparing and configuring devices

The department can devote more time to strategic projects

HR department benefits


 Devices configured to the specific needs of individual employees

 The most up-to-date tools are an additional draw for potential new hires and a bonus for those already employed

Greater employee satisfaction

Employee benefits


 Always equipped with the latest devices as they are updated every three years.

 Fully configured hardware tailored to individual needs

 Devices delivered to remote workers’ home addresses


Replay services are another component of our DaaS solutions. We collected used devices and determine their residual value which is then reinvested in our Device as a Service solution. The entire process is documented to ensure there are no errors.


Replay includes:

  Equipment audits – A list of devices based on their unique identifiers (IMEI, serial number, MPN, etc.)


  Diagnosis and analysis – Systematic function check and visual inspection of devices


  Data wiping – Complete, permanent and systematic wiping of all data using software and processes certified by ADISA


 Data destruction – If it is not possible to systematically wipe data, the storage media is removed, destroyed and documented in a report.


Repair – Authorised device repairs.





Frequently asked questions



  • What’s the difference between DaaS and device leasing?

Contrary to device leasing, a Device as a Service contract includes many additional services such as device repair, maintenance, exchange and disposal. Your IT department no longer has to worry about any of it.


  • What are the benefits of DaaS compared to other methods of IT financing?

If you want to stay up-to-date on global trends and forecasts and discover how DaaS compares with other IT financing methods, download our free e-book.


  • Does DaaS also include mobile devices?

Yes. We also provide the latest smartphones and tablets including accessories such as chargers, screen protectors, covers, cases and headsets.


  • Can use replay services without having to invest in DaaS?

No, Replay services are a component of our DaaS solutions.


  • How is DaaS implemented?


The implementation process consists of several steps:


Definition of a company’s needs

Creation of a product catalogue for various employee profiles

Delivery of select, fully configured device to private addresses and offices

Device monitoring and desk-2-desk support in the event of problems with the device (device exchange within one working day)

At the end of their service life, devices are replaced and data securely and effectively wiped before being sustainably disposed of.





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