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Dell EMC Storage and Data Protection Solutions.



The Dell EMC storage and data management portfolio covers all modern storage infrastructure. From entry-level and mid-range systems, and hyper-convergent infrastructure to software-based data protection solutions, there’s a wide-range for you to choose from, so you can adapt and expand your storage according to your business needs.

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Exploit your data’s potential.

Take advantage of Dell EMC’s storage solutions and benefit from cutting edge technology.

Flash solutions for optimum performance.

Cloud capabilities and multi-cloud management.

Enormous potential for scalability.

Software-based solutions.

Comprehensive data security.

Data environment simplification.

Rationalise your data centre’s storage requirements with industry-leading solutions from a single source: Dell EMC. 

Automated data services.

Simplify management and concentrate on what’s really important—exploiting your data’s potential. 

Security for your data resources.

Dell EMC data storage and protection solutions reduce downtimes and latency issues. Expanded storage and deduplication technologies reduce storage requirements and network load.

Overview of storage solutions.

Find the right combination of scalability, efficiency and multi-cloud integration among Dell EMC primary storage solutions.


  • PowerVault ME4 – Next generation entry-level storage system optimised for SAN and DAS.
  • SC Series – Affordable and efficient All Flash or hybrid storage with very low costs per GB.
  • Unity XT – Simple Unified All Flash and Hybrid storage with hybrid cloud.
  • Isilon – Leading scale-out NAS solution for all file workloads, easy to manage in any size.
  • Vx Rail – Hyper-convergent software-designed storage system reduces TCO and simplifies the VMware environment.


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Data Protection & Backup.

Dell EMC offers a comprehensive portfolio to protect your important resources and enables customised solutions across the whole data protection spectrum.

  • Data Domain – Scalable, reliable data protection storage to secure your data regardless of the storage location
  • Data Protection Suite – Comprehensive software-based data protection solution for the central management of environments with a lot of business-critical applications. 
  • Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) – Data protection storage and protection software combined into one solution for simple yet powerful data protection and affordable protection
  • Power Protect Appliances – Multi-dimensional data management solution based on PowerEdge and developed as a software-based, compact scale-out platform 
  • VPlex – Provides continuous data availability and data mobility-based active-active data centres and business critical processes
  • Tape storage  – Reliable backup solution for large data volumes and long-term archiving


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