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Today’s flexible and location-independent workplaces call for enhanced protection. With the rapid transition from office work to work-from-home (WFH), IT teams around the globe are faced with a new challenge to ensure enterprise security, when it comes to workers connected at any time anywhere. Logi Bolt provides a wireless solution that enables those efficient and modern ways of working.


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Wireless peripherals are crucial for modern workplace flexibility and convenience –especially with mobile teams that work alternately in the office and from home.  

Logi Bolt was designed to mitigate the security challenges brought on by this increasingly mobile workforce. Logi Bolt is Logitech´s next-generation enterprise wireless technology, for strong, secure, high performance connections. It was engineered to conquer IT challenges that may arise whether users are working in the office or remotely: increasing security expectations, evolving compatibility requirements and congested wireless environments.

Safe and Secure
Compatibility where it counts
Strong, reliable connections
Pre-paired across Ergo and MX Master Series for Business

Engineered with Bluetooth® security mode 1, level 4, Logi Bolt is FIPS* compliant. This ensures that a Logi Bolt device and its receiver are fully encrypted and can only communicate with each other.

Built to meet evolving compatibility requirements, Logi Bolt works with just about every operating system and platform combination.

Logi Bolt delivers near-zero drop-offs up to 10 meters even in congested wireless environments, for up to 6 devices.

All Logi Bolt devices come paired with a Logi Bolt receiver for plug-and-play convenience. Users simply plug the Logi Bolt USB receiver in, power on their Logitech keyboard or mouse, and they’re ready to go.

* U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard.


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