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Meraki Go - Get Your Business Going


WiFi built for you. With features made for business but an app designed for humans, Meraki Go has the best of both worlds.

Access Points


Meraki Go offers Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Access Points so you can have fast and reliable WiFi, no matter where your business goes. By incorporating the latest hardware standards, Meraki Go access points simply plug in to your network and get to work. Just like you.


Business Class Indoor WiFi




Meraki Go Indoor WiFi Access Points provide easy-to-use wireless internet throughout your location.


Built-In Benefits:


  • Block websites that should not be on your network, both for increased security and protection.
  • Limit data-heavy applications on your network to prioritize the ones that truly matter.
  • Receive emails if your network ever goes offline.
  • Set a network up for your staff and one for your guests to increase security.
  • Notice right away if there are any high usage devices hogging up your network.
  • Manage your network from the Meraki Go app, anywhere in the world.




Fast & Secure Outdoor WiFi

Meraki Go Outdoor WiFi Access Points provide wireless internet in outdoor or extreme locations. IP67 rated for your toughest deployments.

Built-In Benefits:


  • Make sure that unproductive and inappropriate websites are blocked from your staff network.
  • Limit application usage on your network to prioritize what matters most to your business.
  • An IP67 rating means that your devices are protected against the negative effects of rain or dust.
  • Meraki Go will alert you if your network goes offline, or if there is a single device using a disproportionately large amount of bandwidth.
  • Easily set up a network up for your staff, guests, and devices, all separated from each other for increased security.
  • No matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection, you can check in on your Meraki Go devices.


The Meraki Go Subscription

Each Indoor and Outdoor Access Point requires an active Go subscription, which provides a 1-year hardware warranty, security updates, feature improvements, and in-app support.


With Meraki Go, the ability to contact a support engineer is included in every subscription. Have access to a real person, because Meraki Go values your network as much as you value your network.


The Meraki Go App

The Meraki Go App controls every aspect of your network. After a quick, guided setup, your network will be up and running in minutes. Check the app to see which devices are using all of your bandwidth, and with Usage Limits, set limits on exactly how much video streaming is allowed.