Huddle Room: Solutions for efficient communication with Studio 

Use your time with colleagues for productive collaboration



“Huddle rooms” are small meeting rooms for teams of 3 to 6 people who meet spontaneously for informal collaboration—for meetings, presentations, and conferences. This all depends on the technical equipment necessary being user-friendly and intuitive, and ready to go in a few minutes. There’s generally a lot of catching up to do, because only larger conference rooms are fitted with high-quality technical equipment.


Excellent voice quality is the most important thing, because most information in a conference is spoken. Microphones should be able to capture everyone, no matter where in the room they are. It’s also important to select the right camera for the room and seating arrangements. So that your huddle rooms are perfectly equipped, Poly offers the USB video soundbar STUDIO.


There are now over 32 million small meeting rooms—and the tendency is growing


By 2022, they will make up close to

70% of all video conference rooms*


*source: Frost & Sullivan, “Growth Opportunities for Video Conferencing in Huddle Rooms”, Feb 2018

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Suitable for all 32 million small conference rooms / huddle rooms worldwide


  • 4K camera with automatic group-framing and speaker-tracking.
  • First-class audio quality
  • Professional microphone quality—even over longer distances
  • USB video bar with NoiseBlock and Acoustic Fence technology
  • Free cloud management—the only one of its class

Important audio features to reduce disturbing noises


NoiseBlock listens for distracting noises such as keyboard typing, paper shuffling and wrapper crinkling and automatically mutes your microphone

Acoustic Fence reduces annoying sounds to a minimum with a virtual fence that blocks sounds from outside its boundaries


Dynamic video experience

More productive conferences and calls made easy with automatic group-framing and speaker-tracking.

Focus on participants without quality loss thanks to 4K resolution and 5x zoom.

The studio ensures that all participants can be well seen through an ultra-wide ultra-wide 120° field of vision.







First-class video and call quality—unique to its price segment with premium optics and high-precision colour rendering.