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MPSA, short for Microsoft Products and Service Agreement, targets companies and organisations with more than 250 users who need cloud services, on-premise software or both. The MPSA Academic version is specifically designed for scientific institutes.

MPSA Academic for research and education institutes

The Microsoft Products and Service Agreement, also known as MPSA, is a perpetual licensing agreement aimed at organisations and companies requiring over 250 licences. MPSA covers not only volume licences but also cloud services and hybrid software solutions. Software Assurance can also be purchased separately for additional services. MPSA is divided into three categories: Academic, Commercial and Government. While each offers the same services, they differ in pricing. MPSA Academic has only one level, but because services are identical, customers can use multiple purchasing accounts—such as Academic and Government— to cross-order under the same agreement.


Benefits of MPSA Academic

MPSA makes it exceedingly simple to purchase Microsoft software. To begin with, you can purchase both licences for on-premise software and any required online and cloud services. In addition, all orders fall under a single agreement, even if they’re submitted by different departments, affiliates or subsidiaries—as long as the entity placing the order belongs to the same group. MPSA Academic also offers short-term subscriptions to cover seasonal and other one-off spikes in demand. This option is invoiced by actual usage.


MPSA Academic for a comprehensive licence overview

If your company is active in research and education, then Microsoft MPSA Academic may be an ideal solution for you. A single platform, Microsoft Business Center, lets you see all of your licences and cloud services at a glance once you’ve logged in. Our product managers will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about the different product groups available through MPSA—systems, applications and servers—–or about Software Assurance services. The Microsoft Business Center also provides a thorough description of all the programme’s components.