Video editing made easy

User-friendly software lets you easily and convenientlyput together short films, to introduce your company for example, give a behind-the-scenes look at production or take visitors on a virtual tour of your office. Good entry-level video editing software enables even users with very little prior experience to create impressive results. A little practice is all it takes. Several highly affordable, well-established programs are available in this area. You’ll also find advanced programs with superior editing features, such as the ability for multiple users to collaborate on the same clip in real time.


Easily edit and manage audio files

While video editing programs also allow you to conveniently work on the corresponding movie soundtracks, highly professional projects or pure audio files are better edited in a separate audio editing software. These applications let you open, edit and link soundtracks from various files. You can also import videos in order to align them with your soundtrack. Explore various brand-name solutions, features and options, available in monthly or annual subscriptions depending on the product. The choice is yours.


Improve your results with audio and video playback

Good programs are necessary not only to cut and edit audio and video, but also to play it back. Adobe software, for instance, plays back video and audio files at first-rate quality. Tried-and-trusted programs are usually able to play back all popular formats, which you can even present on the big screen using your network and network-ready devices. Check out our Bechtle online shop for user-friendly programs to fine-tune your audio and video down to the last detail. Many programs can scale videos to HD-like quality for exceptional resolution. offers a variety of audio and video software, and our expert product managers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.