Testing software that rises to the challenge

Are we building the right software? Are we building it the right way? These two questions have been asked by developers since software first emerged. And they don't just ask themselves these questions once, but over and over again as they build, measure and learn. Once a feature is implemented, it must be tested and the results analysed. Verifying proper functionality is, of course, a primary concern, but such testing also determines the further direction of the overall project. This step-by-step planning is an established trend which presents both advantages and disadvantages. Development software to build, test and optimise must be able to fit into the framework.


Testing as a process

Testing is a process that begins as early as the planning stage and is as a constant companion throughout the development cycle. It’s supported by various types of software with different features and degrees of specialisation, such as a simple debugger crawling through code on the hunt for errors or extensive knowledge bases like Microsoft TechNet, which offers millions of documents.


Numerous providers and solutions

Bechtle offers tool kits and libraries from renowned providers such as Intel, Microsoft, JetBrains and SmartBear to help you build, test and optimise software. In addition to comprehensive software development suites like Intel Parallel Studio, our portfolio also includes simple software testing tools. You’ll find SoapUI and development environment extensions such as JetBrains ReSharper for Microsoft Visual Studio. Which solution you select depends on your project, preferred testing procedure and platform, although many products are platform-independent. Our product managers will be happy to assist you with best-practice examples and in-depth knowledge of the products we carry.