A variety of editors

Software programming requires specific tools. While some are fundamentally necessary to even begin, others serve to simplify the task. Although the various editors available fall under the second category, they nevertheless take on an key role. They must be able to handle popular programming languages such as C and C++, Java, Perl, PHP and PowerShell, Fortran, Ruby, SQL, not to mention HTML and JavaScript. Syntax highlighting is a valuable feature, in addition to smart autocomplete for recurring code combinations. You may also need additional functions, which can be obtained through the various plug-ins available in our online shop. And don’t forget to check out our user interface software before you get started.


Numerous software products available in our Bechtle online shop

Our Bechtle online shop offers solutions such as IDM UltraEdit, which offers not only traditional functionality but many other useful features. For instance, you can edit multiple lines at once and group related sections of source code in what is known as code folding. bechtle.com also features XML editors by Oxygen and Altova, such as Altova XMLSpy, which is able to generate grids showing the hierarchical structure of any XML document. SAPIEN is another brand offering a sophisticated editor, PrimalXML. A vast selection of editors and data management tools awaits you in our online shop. If you need help selecting the right one, our product managers will be happy to assist.


Data management made easy

In addition to editors, software development also requires data management solutions to support the many diverse steps involved. If your developers work on multiple computers, Scooter Beyond Compare allows them to compare network files and directories at any time. The Pro version offers several more features than the Standard edition, such as letting you flag and ignore all irrelevant changes when comparing text. Our online shop also offers various systems to edit dynamic XML content. Altova, IDM, SAPIEN, Scooter or Oxygen—the choice is yours.