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Various database uses

Are you looking for a way to efficiently develop and manage Oracle databases? Do you want to automate SQL optimisation or identify and eliminate performance issues more quickly? Do you need an efficient solution to backup mass storage and recover SQL databases? Or are you on the hunt for software to generate and compare high-quality models, design databases, maintain systems or improve documentation? Every day, companies perform myriad tasks ensuring that data is protected and leveraged effectively. This requires technical expertise, to be sure, but also appropriate tools and database management systems.


Database systems require close attention

Regardless of which database systems and models your company uses, storage must be efficient and consistent. One primary task is preventing your data from being accessed by unauthorised parties, which requires constant vigilance. Data loss is another concern, countered by backups and redundant infrastructure. The tools offered in our Bechtle online shop help you recovery data if necessary to prevent a potential disaster. And because databases are vital to your business operations, they must be maintained, for instance through automated code reviews and automatic detection of performance bottlenecks.


Database tools in our Bechtle online shop

Our online shop offers a broad selection of tool kits, including award-winning solutions by US-based Embarcadero and diverse high-performance products by Redgate. Specific solutions are also available for various database systems, such as IBM DB2 or Oracle Database. These solutions are designed for the tasks on their target system, increasing the efficiency and security of data compression, backups and many other processes. After all, your overarching focus is on providing critical business applications with the data they need to ensure ongoing operations.