Bechtle ups headcount by over 600.

  • Revenue and workforce grow in sync
  • Jump in earnings
  • Approximately 460 advertised vacancies

Neckarsulm 10 March 2016 – Bechtle AG increased its workforce by 633 in 2015, bringing the total headcount to 7,205. Bechtle AG’s headcount and revenue thus grew in sync at a rate of over 9 percent. Personnel growth took place exclusively in Germany, with the lion’s share—419 employees—going to the company’s service business. More than two-thirds of added staff were new hires, while 202 highly qualified specialists joined the Group following the acquisitions of Modus Consult AG, CSS AG and Tritec GmbH in 2015.


Jump in earnings.

In addition to acquiring 633 new employees in a year marked by continued growth, Bechtle achieved a substantial jump in earnings. According to preliminary figures, pre-tax income advanced vigorously by 20 percent from €107 million to a solid €129 million.


Positioning itself as a service-focused IT architect.

The expansion of its workforce not only gives Bechtle the necessary human resources to reach revenue targets, it is also a concrete manifestation of the Group’s strategy to further grow its service business. Bechtle continues to position itself as a future-oriented IT architect, with an emphasis on IT solutions that require extensive consulting: digitisation, cloud computing, mobility, IT security and IT-as-a-Service.


Continued focus on vocational training.

Bechtle expects to boost workforce numbers yet again in the ongoing fiscal year, with over 460 vacancies currently advertised throughout the Bechtle Group. In addition, vocational training remains the method of choice to ensure a steady stream of skilled employees. Bechtle is currently training 473 young people in 14 professions. This puts its average trainee ratio in Germany at a solid 7.5 percent; the ratio at the Group’s main office is approximately 10 percent.


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