Bechtle links up with Steffen Informatik in Switzerland.

  • Two large IT system houses join forces

Neckarsulm/Mägenwil, 21 June 2016 – Bechtle AG has reinforced its operations in Switzerland with Steffen Informatik AG. Established in 1989, Steffen Informatik is firmly anchored in the Swiss market and today employs some 120 people at five offices. In the most recent fiscal year, the IT provider generated revenues of over CHF 35 million. The company will retain all of its four managing directors, as well as its name, which is a renowned brand in the Swiss market. Bechtle and Steffen Informatik share similar organisational structures, portfolios and regional coverage—through which they aim to unlock synergies. They also complement each other in terms of customer focus, joining forces to support a broad customer base ranging from SMBs to large enterprise and public-sector clients.


"For us, joining Bechtle is a unique opportunity to take our tried-and-true business model to the next level and further extend our service offering. Coming together under one roof opens up intriguing business opportunities, and after 27 years in the market, I recognise the enormous benefits of collaboration for everyone involved—customers, employees and partners alike,” says Hanspeter Oeschger, founder and managing director of Steffen Informatik AG.


In addition to its traditional system house offering, the company will contribute a portfolio of expert outsourcing and managed services, as well as a broad range of cloud services. This allows Bechtle to substantially reinforce its own services in these two key strategic areas. At the same time, Steffen Informatik will be able to tap into Bechtle’s powerful sales organisation to sharply boost growth in its service business.


“Steffen Informatik joins us not only as a well-organised, firmly established system house. They are also bringing with them 120 excellent employees, as well as an experienced team of four leaders with a great track record. We could not wish for a better partner to help us reinforce our position as a long-term IT provider for Swiss customers,” explains Michael Guschlbauer, member of the Executive Board responsible for IT System House & Managed Services business at Bechtle AG.


Steffen Informatik’s four managing directors— Hanspeter Oeschger, Markus Oeschger, Christian Speck and Thomas Zimmerli—remain at the helm of the company. Hanspeter Oeschger will also assume leadership of Bechtle’s system houses in Basel, Bern and Zurich.


Bechtle and Steffen Informatik will pool their efforts in the regions of Basel, Bern, St Gallen, Zug and Zurich. Neither party is planning to reduce their staff numbers.


“Steffen Informatik is a true asset for Bechtle on all accounts. Previous cooperation has shown that we are two like-minded partners, and we have now chosen to embark on a shared future. The constructive, forward-looking work we have done in the past few weeks inspires confidence that our future looks bright,” says Gerhard Marz, executive vice president of Bechtle AG in charge of the Bechtle Group’s Switzerland 2020 project.