Ground-Breaking Ceremony at the Bechtle IT System House in Freiburg.

Neckarsulm/Freiburg, 12 October 2012 — Construction of the new office buildings for the Bechtle GmbH IT System House Freiburg began with a ground-breaking ceremony on 10 October 2012 in Freiburg Hochdorf, Germany. Starting July 2012, the new company headquarters will provide 2,500 m² of office and other usable space. The project, valued at some 2.4 million euros, stands out not only due to its modern office and communications infrastructure, but also through its use of geothermal energy.


Karl-Heinz Augustin, the Managing Director of the Bechtle IT system houses in Freiburg and Offenburg, commented on what is being called the beginning of a new era for the 28-year-old Freiburg system house, saying “our system house will be located in a building that is contemporary and spacious – but not excessive, in keeping with Bechtle tradition.” Constructed on a 5,000 m² site on the corner of Leinenweberstraße and Bebelstraße, the 2,500 m² building will provide the necessary usable space for the company's planned growth. “We aim to have 115 employees working in Freiburg by 2020. By constructing this company building, which meets all size, location, and infrastructure requirements, we are setting ourselves up to reach that goal,” explains Udo Stiefvater, Managing Director with Bechtle in Freiburg.


Modern and Forward-Looking.

The current 70 employees and 16 trainees can look forward to optimal working conditions starting July 2013. According to Karl-Heinz Augustin, “We put a premium on providing an attractive environment for our current and future employees.” One important factor in choosing the location, for instance, was its proximity to the A5 and B3 highways. Augustin continues, “We also want our customers to view the building as a venue for interesting events, workshops, and courses, as well as a test environment. The IT houses in Freiburg and Offenburg are on their way to becoming the leading providers of IT infrastructure and operations in the region, both for medium-sized enterprises and the public sector.” Their support of eco-friendly energy sources and Freiburg's ambitious environmental policies were deciding factors in the decision to switch to geothermal sources for heating and cooling, he says. “This solution fits well with Bechtle's principle of taking advantage of the best options while planning for the future.”


Strong Regional Ties.

In his opening speech, Otto Neideck, the First Mayor of the City of Freiburg, praised Bechtle's development and described the decision to construct in Hochdorf as an important signal. “Bechtle's determination to get that prime property in Hochdorf has paid off, and I feel certain that it was the right decision to take. To the leaders at Bechtle, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and that you grow as expected,” concluded the city leader. The system house has been on an uphill trajectory ever since its foundation in 1984. In 1996, the year it was acquired by Bechtle, it employed 38 people. That figure is now at 86. Karl-Heinz Augustin underlines, “The Bechtle IT System House Freiburg has deep roots in this region. It is therefore only fitting that we are working with a local general contractor, Freyler Industriebau GmbH. This new construction project not only confirms our commitment to the Freiburg location, but also signals to customers and employees that Bechtle is a sustainable, financially solid, and future-oriented company - during and despite these economically unstable times.”