Bechtle direct Portugal 
12 years of history.


9 March 2009 marked the beginning of Bechtle in Portugal. 12 years later, our Managing Director, Armando Seixas, shares a little of the company’s history. Between funny and challenging moments, we celebrate the past, live in the present and prepare for the future.
How did Bechtle direct Portugal start? How were the first months?

Bechtle started with a call to a customer. 
The first months were undoubtedly challenging on so many levels. Resilience gained a whole new meaning.


How did Bechtle become a part of your career path?

Some things in life happen for a reason. What started as an informal friendly meeting has developed into a long-lasting relationship.


Which was the most difficult moment?

There were many, but what sticks in mind is how we overcame them.


Which was the funniest moment?

There are so many, almost on a daily basis. But there were some funny stories that made us grow and that we still remember over a cup of coffee.

What are you most proud of?

Of my team and what they accomplish every day! I am proud of seeing them grow and outdo themselves.


Armando Seixas

Managing Director, Bechtle direct Portugal

If you could go back to the moment it all started, what would you say to yourself?

It will be one hell of an adventure! Let’s do this!


What is the future of Bechtle direct Portugal?

The future of Bechtle Portugal will, as it always has, depend on the strong performance of everyone involved. Our ambition was always to be a reference on the Portuguese IT market and we are succeeding. Keeping the customer the focus of everything we do is the main ingredient for success and securing the future.