Our Bechtle selection of
Bluetooth headsets.

Comfortable and portable – Bluetooth headsets from a range of vendors.

Wireless headsets do away with cables altogether, communicating via Bluetooth or a DECT connection. Bluetooth™ is a wireless technology for transmitting data over short distances.


Microsoft Surface Earbuds.

The Surface Earbuds can be controlled using gestures thanks to innovative touch sensors. Thanks to Microsoft 365 support, e-mails can be read out and text can be dictated in Word, Outlook and PowerPoint. The Earbuds are equipped with two microphones each and deliver 24 hours of battery life.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds2.

Listening to music, making calls and video chats, watching series or films, some people don’t go a minute without their ear pods, so it’s good when they come with a long battery life, deliver excellent sound and are comfortable to wear—just like the Samsung Galaxy Buds2.



Apple AirPods.

Simple. Wireless. Magical. With long playback and talk time, Siri with voice activation and a wireless charging case, AirPods are simply incredible. Just take them out of the case and they are ready to work with all your devices. The connect as soon as you put them in and deliver premium, rich sound as if by magic.

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