3 devices that complement your day without you noticing it.

What does a lab have in common with a warehouse?

Even though they belong to different industries, both labs and warehouses use thermal printers. These devices play a very important role in the correct identification of data. Regardless of the industry, a thermal printer should:


  • Be easy to use;
  • Be able to process high volume tasks efficiently;
  • Have several compatibility and connectivity options;
  • Generate high quality prints.


Based on these features, we suggest the following solution:


How many kilometres do you cover in a day?

Employees working in factories, warehouses or in logistic areas tend to run daily marathons. It is therefore important that they have the right tools for mobility without compromising the results. There are 5 essential features that make the days easier for these workers. Their devices should:


  • Be easy to use;
  • Be lightweight and fit in a pocket;
  • Be durable and sanitisable;
  • Have a long-lasting battery;
  • Easily read barcode information, even if they’re damaged.

Based on these features, we suggest the following solution:


How many barcodes have you seen today?


Present on almost all products, barcodes are key in the retail industry.  They simplify transactions by making the purchasing process faster and more intuitive. How can you benefit from these advantages?

You need scanners that contribute to the necessary fluidity in the retail environment.
That’s why you should choose a scanner that:


  • Reads barcodes quickly and accurately, even if they’re damaged;
  • Adapts to current barcode formats like digital vouchers, for example


You can choose wired or wireless devices depending on your needs. These are our suggestions: