All of our software licences at a glance.

Managing and budgeting for software licences is a real challenge for many businesses. Not only does it take time to find the right products and administer them, individual branches often acquire licences without coordinating with headquarters first, leading to unnecessary additional costs. Now you can purchase software licences from select publishers through our convenient, user-friendly agreement portals, available in our online shop. Special licence shops for key providers such as Adobe and Microsoft give you access to all of their available licences. You can also view each provider’s respective licensing programmes. Purchasing multiple products through a central procurement process will save you money, as Microsoft, Adobe and almost every other publisher offer discounts based on volume.


Business licences in Bechtle’s agreement portals.

Below is an overview of the licence shops available at

  • Adobe TLP commercial licences
  • Microsoft Open licences
  • Microsoft Open Value licences
  • MPSA Academic licences
  • MPSA Commercial licences
  • MPSA Government licences


Find the software licences you need within each category by searching for specific reference numbers, software details or keywords. And if you have any questions, simply contact our product managers using the contact details available on the website. They’ll be happy to provide you with expert advice.


Software licences and usage rights.

Copyright protection safeguards creative work produced both by freelancers and company employees, such as musicians, authors, architects and software developers. The latter are paid for their products through software licences. By purchasing a licence, your company receives the right to install the program and use it within the scope of the software agreement. It also means you must familiarise yourself with the licensing terms and conditions before you make your selection, because licences are often valid for only a particular period and defined user group. If you discover you need a licence upgrade or extension, you can purchase them in the appropriate licence shop in our agreement portals.