30th July and 16th September 2020

Websession for all employees, Language: English

Meetings today must be streamlined, effective, and cost-optimised—all the while maximising results. As a consequence, meetings have largely gone virtual. Joining an online meeting is simple, hosting one not so much.

What if you are not only participant but responsible for an appropriate result of a meeting? What exactly is the role of the meeting host? How can you encourage input and create real impact?


  • You are aware of you role and familiar with the basics of moderating online meetings.
  • You are familiar with various moderating techniques and how you can use them in online meetings.


  • The moderator role and tasks 
  • Basics of moderating meetings / moderation rules
  • Different types of/reasons for online meetings 
  • Essential online meeting rules 
  • Optimising online meeting circumstances 
  • Special legalities of online meetings 
  • Using visual aids and media 
  • Resolving complex situations 
  • Online meeting methods 

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