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Bechtle AG first became an international company in 1996 when it established new locations in Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Customer demand kept on growing, and in 2012, Bechtle AG stepped up their international game. We continue to expand across the globe, making us, the Bechtle Group, a top-level European IT supplier and service provider with branches in 14 countries.

2013 saw the next big step:, the Global IT Alliance (GITA) was created to fulfil our customers’ need for an IT supply (chain) solution on several continents. Making use of the momentum, a central International Business Unit (IBU) was then founded in 2016. This team’s mission is to drive collaboration between all of our companies (Bechtle systems integrators, Bechtle direct, ARP, BuyIt direct, Inmac Wstore and Bechtle-Comsoft) to further support and develop our business with international customers.


What began from growing customer demand is now a key part of our daily work. Crossing borders, limitless thinking, global collaboration within Bechtle, collaboration with vendors and customers to support our international customers in Europe and beyond with the help of our Global IT Alliance (GITA)—this is what makes us a truly international company.

How we work.


Within our community, every office has an International Customer Coordinator who is responsible for the business in their office. They support their colleagues and customers on a Global IT level. Together with the International Business Unit, they form the link to the entire Bechtle Group and our customers. The International Business Unit supports the different offices in several ways—from training, reports, events, interfaces to the different locations, to knowledge transfer —e.g. from experienced advisors to international corporate account directors who then go to our international customers with HQs in Europe. This team has a lot of experience in working with large international customers.


We hosted our annual International Customer Coordinator meeting at Bechtle Platz 1 in Neckarsulm on 4and 5 April. Besides our continued communication and collaboration, we come together every year to talk about international business and brainstorm how we can improve and grow—not only in terms of international customers but also within the Bechtle group.

Annual meeting in Neckarsulm.


During this time we share customer stories and how we’ve handled them. By sharing not only the success stories but also the difficult, challenging cases, we learn from each other. There is a lot of experience within Bechtle and by sharing it we will be able to reach an even higher level. Workshops also form part of these days, where we look back and define where we are and what our next steps should be. The foundation of international business has, as  already mentioned, been in place for several years but we are still working on further strengthening that basis by working on our International CRM system, reports, and more.


How do we do all this? By working together, calling each other, listening to our customers, creating custom workshops, etc. Communication and collaboration are our watchwords.

The international community is a professional team covering 14 different countries that, in addition to monthly calls, keep in contact on a weekly basis to ensure happy customers, explore new opportunities and help each other in all sorts of different scenarios.


All with the one goal of striving to provide our international customers with even better support.

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