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24/7-Rechenzentrumsdienstleistung durch Storagevirtualisierung.

Die ECOFIS GmbH ist als 100-prozentige Tochtergesellschaft des Verbands der Vereine Creditreform e.V. Ansprechpartner für innovative Lösungsangebote in den Bereichen ITNetzwerke, Hosting und IT-Security. Für Creditreform stellt ECOFIS die komplette Palette der Rechenzentrumsleistungen zur Verfügung. Rund 5.000 Anwender sitzen täglich vor den Rechnern in diesem Verbund.


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Project objectives.

In strategically overhauling their entire IT, ECOFIS didn’t just want to switch to an affordable storage solution for their data centre, but also streamline admin and management for their IT department. Storage virtualisation helps make the best use of existing storage space and extends the use of physical conditions to the max, thus ensuring that all data centre services are always available for their customers.

Die neuen Storagesysteme sind dank Virtualisierung für die Zukunft gewappnet, günstig, einfach in der Verwaltung und minimieren unseren Wartungsaufwand. Bechtle setzte mit der IBM-Lösung alle unsere Wünsche optimal um und wappnete unser Unternehmen für die nächsten innovativen Herausforderungen.


Maik Röse, Leiter Rechenzentrum, ECOFIS GmbH 


Thanks to the long and trusting partnership between Bechtle and ECOFIS, Bechtle was able to implement a future-ready and expandable storage solution for ECOFIS. This consists of two IBM SAN volume controllers (SVC) that simplify management of the storage infrastructure thanks to optimised storage use and centrally controlled storage resources. Through storage tiering, the data is automatically and transparently sent to the allocated storage system depending on requirements. There are four levels available which are hierarchised according to performance, capacity, availability, security, and data provision (Recovery Time Objective). By virtualisation through the SVC data platform, new and existing storage systems can be used more effectively and features standardised and made available across the entire virtualised storage. This ensures higher flexibility and potentially lower costs. The unified management platform simplifies maintenance and makes new storage space available more quickly. In terms of hardware, ECOFIS can now rely on three IBM Storwize V/000s, four IBM Storwize V5000s, and four IBM Storwize V3700s. They form the basis for implementation of ECOFIS’ effective storage infrastructure and mean that the new data storage is affordable, as the IBM Storwize product family fulfils high storage requirements and yet requires fewer resources. External storage virtualisation optimises the existing storage and ensures that a larger amount of data can be stored in a smaller space. The modular storage systems complement the virtual server environment and ensure high flexibility and reactions required to fulfil quickly changing business requirements.


Business Benefits.

With the new IBM hardware and virtualised storage solution, ECOFIS, is now in the position to provide storage capacities even quicker. Manual interventions in the storage area can now be minimised thanks to the numerous automated options in the IBM SAN SVC. At the same time, all storage areas have been optimised. Admin has also been greatly simplified in general. As a result, employee satisfaction in the ECOFIS IT department has increased, also due to the reduced time that has to be invested in the storage system. The future-proof, expandable IT solution boasts low power consumption thanks to energy saving features and thereby reduces energy costs. The biggest benefit of the new storage system, however, is for the ECOFIS customers, who now have access to all data around the clock.

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