Cloud Managed Network powered by Cisco Meraki

Secure working from home starts with Zero-Trust.

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Your path to Zero Trust.

Duo offers market-leading solutions that support you on your way to a complete Zero Trust security model. The reliable access solution delivers everything you need to protect your apps and data on a large scale.

Cloud Managed Network powered by Cisco Meraki
Secure remote access.

Duo security solutions compliment every technical environment and have been developed to verify identities and to set up trusted devices regardless how, when or where the user logs in meaning you can prevent threats and attacks caused by compromised log in details.


Two-factor authentication.

Verify the identities of all users with effective, powerful authentication (two-factor authentication) before allowing access to enterprise applications and resources. Duo supports all MFA methods, such as: Mobile apps, push notifications, offline options, biometric-based WebAuthn, hardware token, and more.

Cloud Managed Network powered by Cisco Meraki


Cloud Managed Network powered by Cisco Meraki
Device transparency.

Gain an overview of all devices whether they are managed or not. This means that you can check if they meet your security standards before granting access. Duo offers a detailed overview of all your users’ devices and also gives you an insight into the state of their security.


Insights into access activity.

The Duo platform gives you a comprehensive overview and control over BYOD by capturing and tracking every device accessing protected applications, including desktops, notebooks and mobile devices without the use of a mobile agent. You’ll receive detailed data and reports on user behaviour and any risky devices plus user, admin and telephony data to enable easy integration into existing SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems.

Cloud Managed Network powered by Cisco Meraki


Cloud Managed Network powered by Cisco Meraki
Risk-based and adaptive access guidelines.

Protect every application by defining guidelines that limit user and device access to those that fulfil the company’s risk tolerance levels. Even location-based guidelines that allow access to applications to be allowed or denied depending on the location of the user or device are no problem.


Secure connection to all applications.

Give users secure access to all protected applications (on-premise or cloud-based) via a uniform, seamless interface that can be accessed from anywhere. Duo also protects access to your remote access gateway provider, VPNs, VDIs and proxies such as Cisco AnyConnect, Juniper, F5, Citrix and more

Cloud Managed Network powered by Cisco Meraki


Cloud Managed Network powered by Cisco Meraki
Protect the personal data of EU citizens.

Duo supports companies to quickly and easily prepare themselves for the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which defines how organisations should handle and protect personal data and what to do in the event of a data leak. 

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