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Financial calendar.

Dates and Roadshows



19/3/2020Annual Report 2019, Accounts Press Conference and Analysts' Conference, Conference CallPDF 
27/3/2020Virtual Roadshow, Parispdf 
6+7/4/2020Virtual Roadshowpdf 
8/5/2020Quarterly Statement 1st Quarter 2020, Conference CallPDF 
12/5/2020Virtual Roadshow, Frankfurtpdf 
14/5/2020Virtual Roadshowpdf 
27/5/2020Virtual Annual General Meeting 2020pdf 
28/5/2020Virtual Roadshow, Hamburgpdf 
18/6/2020Virtual Quirin Champions Conference 2020pdf 
25/6/2020Virtual Warburg Highlights 2020pdf 
12/8/2020Half-year Financial Report 2020, Conference Call  
18/8/2020Virtual Lampe Conference  
20/8/2020Metzler Dialog, Frankfurt  
26/8/2020DACH Top Picks Seminar Berenberg, Copenhagen (virtual)  
3/9/2020Commerzbank Sector Conference, Frankfurt (Main)  
16+17/9/2020Virtual Roadshow, Milano/Lugano  
18/9/2020Virtual Roadshow, Paris  
22/9/2020Baader Investment Conference, Munich  
30/9/2020Roadshow, Zurich  
11/11/2020Quarterly Statement 3rd Quarter 2019, Conference Call  
24/11/2020DZ Bank Equity Conference, Frankfurt  
15/6/2021Annual General Meeting 2021