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The TS-2888X has everything you need for machine learning to help organisations quickly and easily deploy AI applications.

from 2,289,500.00

Gross price: Ft2,907,665.00 incl. Ft618,165.00 VAT

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For business and demanding users requiring a reliable RAID-based storage solution for business critical applications.

from 462,000.00

Gross price: Ft586,740.00 incl. Ft124,740.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: ES1686DC-2123IT-64G

Bechtle no.: 4362157

Form factor: Rack-mount, Bays: 16-bay, Connectors: 4 x RJ45, 8 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+, Capacity: Optional, RAM: 64 GB


Gross price: Ft6,007,735.00 incl. Ft1,277,235.00 VAT

In stock.

Automatic tape storage for demanding storage requirements.

from 538,000.00

Gross price: Ft683,260.00 incl. Ft145,260.00 VAT

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The Intel Xeon E-based TS-1683XU-RP enterprise NAS with up to 64 GB DDR4 ECC memory delivers server performance with high reliability.

from 964,000.00

Gross price: Ft1,224,280.00 incl. Ft260,280.00 VAT

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Modernise your data centre and move your business forward. Next generation flash and hybrid flash memory - high performance, flexibility, reliability and security redefined.

from 1,590,750.00

Gross price: Ft2,020,253.00 incl. Ft429,503.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: Q2R19A

Bechtle no.: 4300277

Rack units: 2 U, Bays: 24-bay, Capacity: Optional, Connectors: 4 x Fibre Channel


Gross price: Ft1,605,598.00 incl. Ft341,348.00 VAT

Available in 20 days.

The Buffalo LinkStation 5410DN is a powerful 4-bay network storage solution. Thanks to the 10 GbE port and the powerful Annapurna Labs processors, the TeraStation 5410 delivers outstanding performance

from 314,000.00

Gross price: Ft398,780.00 incl. Ft84,780.00 VAT

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Powerful, cost-effective 4-bay Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution - ideal for small companies and demanding small office and home office users.

from 219,750.00

Gross price: Ft279,083.00 incl. Ft59,333.00 VAT

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The TeraStation WSH5610DNS6 with integrated WSS 2016, Hardware RAID and a dedicated CPU offers better system stability and powerful data processing.

from 1,453,750.00

Gross price: Ft1,846,263.00 incl. Ft392,513.00 VAT

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The TeraStation WS5020 NAS with integrated WSS 2016 are the ideal storage solution for users working with Windows computers and servers. They come with 8 NAS hard drives, 8 GB memory, an Intel Atom C3338 processor and a 10 GbE network connection.

from 429,750.00

Gross price: Ft545,783.00 incl. Ft116,033.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: Q2P73A

Bechtle no.: 4265453

Form factor: Desktop / rack-mount, Bays: 12-bay, Connectors: 4 x Gigabit Ethernet, 1 x VGA, 2 x USB 3.0, Capacity: 16 TB, RAM: 16 GB


Gross price: Ft3,632,200.00 incl. Ft772,200.00 VAT

Available in 20 days.

Powerful and scalable high-performance network storage with 2 integrated 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

from 969,750.00

Gross price: Ft1,231,583.00 incl. Ft261,833.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: WDBBCL0200JBK-EESN

Bechtle no.: 4238133

Form factor: Desktop, Bays: 2-bay, Connectors: 2 x Gigabit Ethernet, Capacity: 20 TB, RAM: 4 GB


Gross price: Ft543,878.00 incl. Ft115,628.00 VAT

Available in 20 days.

HPE Premium Line for data security and archiving solutions

from 616,000.00

Gross price: Ft782,320.00 incl. Ft166,320.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: Q1J31A

Bechtle no.: 4216776

Form factor: Desktop / rack-mount, Rack units: 2 U, Bays: 24-bay


Gross price: Ft2,984,818.00 incl. Ft634,568.00 VAT

Available in 20 days.

Manufacturer no.: 6171S7R

Bechtle no.: 4211095

Form factor: Rack-mount, Rack units: 1 U, Connectors: 1 x mini-SAS external SFF-8088, Media slots: 9, Storage medium: Ultrium 7 (LTO-7) - 6 TB / 15 TB


Gross price: Ft2,234,565.00 incl. Ft475,065.00 VAT

Available in 20 days.

The ideal solution for growing companies needing a small start with less initial investment, but who would like room to expand their storage capacity.

from 536,250.00

Gross price: Ft681,038.00 incl. Ft144,788.00 VAT

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The HPE MSA 2050 SAN Storage is a flash-ready system that's ideal for small and remote office deployments.

from 1,733,750.00

Gross price: Ft2,201,863.00 incl. Ft468,113.00 VAT

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Powerful Thunderbolt 3 NAS enhances joint media editing by Mac and Windows users

from 1,372,250.00

Gross price: Ft1,742,758.00 incl. Ft370,508.00 VAT

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Save space with rack-mount storage systems.

Rack-mount storage systems provide substantial storage capacity with only a small footprint, which is why they’re the number-one choice for many midsized and large companies. For the various components to function smoothly, you’ll need the right SAN software as well as compatible FC switches and FC SFP modules, ensuring network connections with fast data processing speeds. Instead of high-end SAN technology, however, you may prefer network-based storage in the form of rack-mount or desktop NAS systems. NAS technology is particularly suited for small to midsized companies.


Keep your data safe with backup appliances.

Backup appliances offer all the backup components you need in a single device. In addition to storage space, they include powerful backup software. One of the biggest advantages of these all-in-one products is that you can implement them in no time—installing the hardware and performing backups is a cinch. You can also choose to backup data using alternative methods, such as tape solutions like LTO and RDX.


Finding the right storage system.

There are numerous storage systems and components available to choose from. You’ll be sure to find one that’s right for your business among the diverse offering in our Bechtle online shop. As data backups become increasingly important, companies must ensure their storage systems provide sufficient capacity and backup options. Our product managers will be happy to advise you, so you can store your data securely in a central location. If you’ve already done your research and know what you want, the shop’s search bar will take you directly to it.