Printer & Scanner Accessories

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                    Get the most out of your printer with the right accessories.

                    Our online shop offers an extensive selection of accessories enabling you to use your business printers in even more ways. For instance, you can upgrade them for mobile printing and certain models can even be adapted to print in a vehicle. Our product managers will be happy to advise you on which accessories are compatible with your devices. They’ll also help you find the right components for the functionality you want. We partner with a number of major manufacturers, such as Epson, Brother, Canon, HP, Lexmark and Kyocera, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect parts for your printers.


                    Focus on 3D printer accessories.

                    Our portfolio has made ample room for 3D printer accessories and consumables such as filaments, the synthetic threads used for three-dimensional printing. We offer these in various colours, strengths and quality levels, including ABS, Primalloy and PLA filaments. PLA is used in the electronics and automobile industry, for example, as well as in the medical industry and toy production. Primalloy, produced by Verbatim, is more suited to rubbery surfaces such as tool grips and waterproof containers and hoses. Our online shop carries filaments by Verbatim, German RepRap and 3D Systems, as well as premium 3D business printers by German RepRap and 3D Systems.


                    Flexibility and mobility with the right printer accessories.

                    Printer accessories encompass all the components you need for both stationary and mobile printing. Batteries, charging stations and adapters, which enable cordless printing, are available for several printer types. Simply connect a compatible adapter, the right cable or modem and a suitable network or interface card, and your printer is ready to print on the go. And if you ever misplace your power supply, you’ll find a replacement here. Our product managers are available to assist you in finding the right accessories.