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The AVM FRITZ!Repeater quickly and easily increases the range of each WLAN and builds a stable WLAN Mesh. In addition to their WLAN power, they impress with simple setup at the touch of a button and low power consumption in standby and operation.

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Gross price: Ft28,067.00 incl. Ft5,967.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: 01582-002

Bechtle no.: 4371738

Product type: Network video recorder


Gross price: Ft1,553,528.00 incl. Ft330,278.00 VAT

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AXIS Camera Station S11 Recorder Series is a family of out-of-the-box, ready-to-use recording solutions designed to deliver reliable high-definition surveillance. They include AXIS Camera Station licenses for mid-sized installations.

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Gross price: Ft1,351,598.00 incl. Ft287,348.00 VAT

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Make your house a Smart Home. With FRITZ!DECT products from AVM you can measure power consumption, control room temperatures, switch automatically or simply provide more range when making phone calls.

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Gross price: Ft13,538.00 incl. Ft2,878.00 VAT

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Axis Network Speakers are complete high-quality audio systems in a single unit. They're perfect for background music and for live and scheduled announcements in stores.

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Gross price: Ft189,865.00 incl. Ft40,365.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: JL592A

Bechtle no.: 4380863

Product type: Power supply


Gross price: Ft237,808.00 incl. Ft50,558.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: 7S05002MWW

Bechtle no.: 4379778

Product type: Software


Gross price: Ft44,399.00 incl. Ft9,439.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: 7S05002HWW

Bechtle no.: 4379777

Product type: Software


Gross price: Ft664,845.00 incl. Ft141,345.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: 61607

Bechtle no.: 4376943

Product type: Software


Gross price: Ft300,038.00 incl. Ft63,788.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: R2X21A

Bechtle no.: 4367902

Product type: Power supply


Gross price: Ft6,801.00 incl. Ft1,446.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: R2X20A

Bechtle no.: 4367899

Product type: Power supply


Gross price: Ft6,547.00 incl. Ft1,392.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: 01609-001

Bechtle no.: 4363715

Product type: Flash memory


Gross price: Ft105,728.00 incl. Ft22,478.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: J9151E

Bechtle no.: 4358077

Product type: SFP module


Gross price: Ft377,508.00 incl. Ft80,258.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: SRC60-100EUS

Bechtle no.: 4356317

Product type: Expansion


Gross price: Ft120,333.00 incl. Ft25,583.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: TR-002

Bechtle no.: 4353021

Product type: Expansion


Gross price: Ft68,263.00 incl. Ft14,513.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: P11074-A21

Bechtle no.: 4352203

Product type: Software


Gross price: Ft232,410.00 incl. Ft49,410.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: P11079-B21

Bechtle no.: 4352185

Product type: Software


Gross price: Ft150,495.00 incl. Ft31,995.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: P11078-A21

Bechtle no.: 4352183

Product type: Software


Gross price: Ft58,395.00 incl. Ft12,415.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: P11077-A21

Bechtle no.: 4352180

Product type: Software


Gross price: Ft76,518.00 incl. Ft16,268.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: P11058-041

Bechtle no.: 4351930

Product type: Software


Gross price: Ft305,435.00 incl. Ft64,935.00 VAT

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Switches, routers and access points.

In today’s high-tech era, you expect fast, simple access to your office network and Wi-Fi. Making this a reality requires not only the routers, switches and access points themselves, but also proper accessories. You’ll need direct-attach cables, repeaters and mounts, as well as VPN licences and more. All of these components are available to order through our Bechtle online shop.


Surveillance systems and racks.

Racks bring together IT infrastructure components, housing them in efficiently arranged spaces and protecting them. Blanking panels are an ideal rack accessory to improve air circulation, while accessories from the doors and panels category let you transform racks into full cabinets accommodating built-in components. Our network camera accessories include network video recorders, which allow you to go back and observe past events should you need to.


Backup and archive data with the right accessories.

Hard drives and other storage media have limited  lives and can fail at any time. Viruses are another risk that threatens data and systems. The importance of regular backups therefore cannot be overstated.  For this, you'll need the right hardware with the right accessories. Find everything on your list under our IT infrastructure accessories. The Bechtle online shop also offers storage-system and SAN accessories for hassle-free backups. Storage systems, for instance, need hard drive frames, expansion modules and enclosures. And if you use a SAN solution, you may be interested in adding more ports through upgrade kits. Our expert product managers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.