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All about the Bechtle Share. 

+37.6 %

Performance ytd at 30/11/2023

5.7 € bn. 

Market cap as of 30/11/2023


All-time high at 9/11/2021

Shareholder Structure
Analysts' Recommendations
Convertible Bond

Dividends History.


Since its IPO in 2000, Bechtle has pursued a shareholder-friendly dividend policy focused on continuity. Year after year, the company has thus distributed profits to its shareholders. What is more, the dividend is regularly increased. So far, Bechtle has never reversed this trend. This too underscores the reliability of the distribution policy of Bechtle AG.

Shareholder Structure

Shareholder Structure.


The presentation of the share ownership is based on the provisions of § 33 (1) WpHG with respect to the publication of the voting rights announcements.

As of October 2023, 126 million shares



Voting Rights Announcements.

All voting rights announcements are available on dgap.de.



    Release Date

Karin Schick                                                                                                 02/5/2022                                                                                Learn more
Allianz Global Investors 07/05/2021 LEARN MORE
DWS Investment 10/02/2021 LEARN MORE
Baillie Gifford 17/10/2022 LEARN MORE
BlackRock 04/12/2023 LEARN MORE
Flossbach v. Storch 22/7/2022 LEARN MORE


Analysts' Recommendations

Consensus - Q3.2023.



Revenue (€m)

EBT (€m)

Margin (%)

EPS (€)

Median 1,557.0 94.5 6.0 0.54
Average 1,555.4 94.1 6.0 0.53

Analysts' Recommendations.


11 x Buy or Outperform

5 x Hold or Neutral

1 x Underperform

Average price traget of €50.87





Price target (EUR)

AlsterResearch 10/112023           Buy 57.00
Baader Bank 13/11/2023           Buy 58.00
Berenberg 14/11/2023           Hold 41.00
BNP Paribas Exane 20/11/2023        Neutral 47.00
BofA 23/11/2023           Underperform 43.00
Deutsche Bank 13/11/2023            Buy 57.00
DZ Bank 10/11/2023            Buy 51.00
Hauck Aufhäuser 13/11/2023           Buy 54.00
Jefferies 30/11/2023            Buy 53.00
Kepler Cheuvreux 14/11/2023            Hold 45.00
LBBW 13/11/2023            Hold 44.00
Metzler 13/11/2023            Buy 52.00
Oddo BHF


           Outperform 54.00
Quirin  13/11/2022            Buy 54.00
Stifel 14/11/2023            Buy 52.00
UBS 1/12/2023            Neutral 43.80
Warburg Research  10/11/2023            Buy 59.00
Convertible Bond

Convertible Bond 

On November 30, 2023, Bechtle successfully placed unsubordinated unsecured convertible bonds with a principal amount of €300 million, ISIN: DE000A382293 (the Convertible Bonds) with conversion rights into new and/or existing no-par value sordinary shares of Bechtle AG.

The pre-emptive rights of the existing shareholders of Bechtle AG at this time are excluded.

The convertible bonds (denomination of € 100,000 each) will be issued and redeemed at 100% of their principal amount.

The maximum maturity is seven years.

The Bonds will bear interest at a rate of xx %.

The initial conversion price has been set at € xx,xx, representing a premium of xx % above the reference share price of € xx,xx.


For further information, please refer to the ad hoc announcement of November 30, 2023 as well as the press release of the same day.



                                                  Bechtle AG
Principal Amount                                                   €300 million 
Denomination                                                   €100,000 per Bond
Status                                                   unsecured, unsubordinated
Issue Date                                                   08 December 2023
Maturity Date                                                   08 December 2030 (7 years) 
Coupon                                                   2.0 per cent p.a. 
Reference Share Price                                                   €42.30 per share
Initial Conversion Premium                                                   30.00 per cent above the Reference Share Price 
Initial Conversion Price                                                   €54.99 per share 




For further information, please refer to following documents: