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Discover our extensive offering of phone conference systems, video conference systems and interactive digital boards in the Bechtle online shop.

VoIP—that is, phone service over the Internet—is the communication technology of the future. Discover VoIP call managers and VoIP routers in our Bechtle online shop.

ISDN and analogue phones let you communicate effortlessly whenever you need to. Find both cordless and corded phones at

Headsets are indispensable for business calls and video conferencing. Our Bechtle online shop carries a large selection of premium models.

Whether you’re looking for charging cradles, standard chargers or spare batteries, our Bechtle online shop offers a wide selection of communication accessories.

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Guaranteeing your ability to communicate.

Imagine you’re getting ready to begin a crucial meeting with stakeholders around the world—but your conference system won’t launch. Not only is this scenario a personal nightmare for you, the organiser, but it can also cost your company dearly. While it’s impossible to guarantee that every system will work all the time, you should plan ahead for those critical moments. Even before you purchase your phone or conference system, we provide in-depth advice to ensure you find a system that fits seamlessly into your IT infrastructure. The hardware itself is produced by renowned manufacturers such as Cisco and Polycom.


Warranty upgrades by leading manufacturers.

Our long-term partnerships with leading manufacturers in all areas of IT—communication included—means our product managers know their products inside out, how to use them and how they fit into your network. We ensure that replacement parts, accessories and consumables are always available, while the manufacturers offer extensive product warranties and warranty upgrades. Polycom, for instance, offers an optional premium service for conference systems, guaranteeing a certain level of availability. Cisco lets you upgrade your warranty to include next-business-day hardware exchanges. Read more in the Communication category under Warranties and service.


Making way for new trends.

IT is constantly reinventing itself. In the field of communication, landlines are giving way to VoIP, to the great benefit of businesses. But preparing for such major shifts entails keeping an eye on the market, which we at Bechtle pride ourselves on doing. Our online shop comprises more than 70,000 products in total, but what’s even more impressive is that we add an average of 285 new items each week to replace obsolete equipment or simply to expand our offering. This ensures that our customers will always find the latest trends—so their companies can take full advantage of the potential afforded by one of the most innovative industries in the world.