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Triple Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) headsets eliminate background noise while the Dynamic Mute Alert feature makes you aware when you speak into a muted mic.

from 76,750.00

Gross price: Ft97,473.00 incl. Ft20,723.00 VAT

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The Yealink UH3X series headsets are ideal for professional use. The wired USB headsets deliver crystal-clear sound, block out background noise and are easy to use thanks to the call control unit.

from 10,380.00

Gross price: Ft13,183.00 incl. Ft2,803.00 VAT

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Compared to other DECT headsets, with this device, several people sharing a room can benefit from a wireless headset and work seamlessly with crystal clear audio quality.

from 92,750.00

Gross price: Ft117,793.00 incl. Ft25,043.00 VAT

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Made for you: Your wired headset for more productive working. Lightweight, reliable and comfortable.

from 23,260.00

Gross price: Ft29,540.00 incl. Ft6,280.00 VAT

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Keep the focus on your conversation, not background noise, with the sophisticated noise cancelling and immersive stereo sound of the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Stereo Bluetooth headset.

from 36,080.00

Gross price: Ft45,822.00 incl. Ft9,742.00 VAT

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The Blackwire 5200 Series fits perfectly into your working day. They are user-friendly and can be connected to many devices thanks to the USB/USB-C and 3.5 mm ports. It's also so comfortable so that you can wear it all day.

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Gross price: Ft32,233.00 incl. Ft6,853.00 VAT

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Poly Voyager 4200 Office headsets for desk phone and softphone telephony deliver superior call clarity and seamless connectivity to your desk phone and PC through the two-way base.

from 71,500.00

Gross price: Ft90,805.00 incl. Ft19,305.00 VAT

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Poly 8200 series headsets come with wireless freedom and a unique hot-swappable battery design for extended talk time. With a choice of wearing styles to suit every user in your team.

from 72,250.00

Gross price: Ft91,758.00 incl. Ft19,508.00 VAT

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Keep noise out and productivity up, no matter where you are, with the Blackwire 8225. Create a quiet zone so you can stay concentrated. Make sure those on the other end of the line can hear your voice, not what's happening around you.

from 54,750.00

Gross price: Ft69,533.00 incl. Ft14,783.00 VAT

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The Plantronics Blackwire 3200 Series wired UC headsets are sturdy, comfortable, easy to set up and come with a variety of connectivity and wearing options.

from 10,100.00

Gross price: Ft12,827.00 incl. Ft2,727.00 VAT

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Enjoy wireless freedom in the office with the Bluetooth dongle. The headset's rich sound has an expansive wireless range of up to 30 m.

from 46,380.00

Gross price: Ft58,903.00 incl. Ft12,523.00 VAT

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Made for you: Work anywhere with superior wireless audio performance.

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Gross price: Ft60,020.00 incl. Ft12,760.00 VAT

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Made for you: The best headset for concentration and collaboration.

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Gross price: Ft144,145.00 incl. Ft30,645.00 VAT

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Made for you: Engineered to keep you on task. Exceptional audio, outstanding noise isolation, superior comfort.

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Gross price: Ft33,096.00 incl. Ft7,036.00 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: HS-WL-730-BUNA-P

Bechtle no.: 4442892-14

Application: Desk phone, Connection: Wireless, Headset type: Binaural


Gross price: Ft128,905.00 incl. Ft27,405.00 VAT

In stock.

The Voyager 6200 series is a stereo headset with neck strap and integrated earphones. It's so versatile, it can be used outside of the office as well. The design delivers four microphones and optimised noise cancellation without a microphone boom.

from 72,000.00

Gross price: Ft91,440.00 incl. Ft19,440.00 VAT

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The great appeal of the Blackwire 3300 Series is apparent at first sight: It has a sleek, modern design. Not only that, it sounds as good as it looks, with high-quality audio you've come to expect from Poly.

from 8,855.00

Gross price: Ft11,246.00 incl. Ft2,391.00 VAT

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Give your contact centre teams all they need, with Poly EncorePro 300 Series headsets. Get high-quality audio, all-day comfort and proven durability.

from 14,360.00

Gross price: Ft18,237.00 incl. Ft3,877.00 VAT

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Voyager 5200 Bluetooth headsets feature cutting edge, adaptive noise cancelling with WindSmart technology to eliminate disruptive background noise. Now anywhere is a great place to talk.

from 71,500.00

Gross price: Ft90,805.00 incl. Ft19,305.00 VAT

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Managing Noise - with noise-reducing headsets, office noise is a thing of the past. The Savi 8200 enables a seamless connection with excellent DECT audio quality and noise cancelling.

from 82,250.00

Gross price: Ft104,458.00 incl. Ft22,208.00 VAT

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A variety of models for convenience and mobility.

Headsets come in all shapes and sizes. The classic version consists of a headband with two earphones and a microphone positioned close to your mouth by a mic boom. Two earphones deliver clear stereo sound, while headsets with just one earphone offer only mono sound. However, they keep you more in tune with your surroundings. Wireless headsets do away with cables altogether, communicating instead by Bluetooth™ for shorter distances or a DECT connection for a range of up to 120 metres.


Wired or wireless headsets?

Both wired and wireless headsets can be used for phone calls and video conferences. Wired headsets come with a variety of connection types, such as RJ9, RJ11 or often manufacturer-specific plugs. Other features and specifications such as impedance may also vary considerably. When used with smartphones or other mobile phones, headsets are usually plugged into a TRS jack and feature an in-line microphone and volume control.


The right accessories.

Our Bechtle online shop carries premium headsets by various brands such as Plantronics, Jabra, Sennheiser, Hama, Apple, Samsung and many more. While Bluetooth™ is the most common wireless connection for smartphones and other mobile phones, we also carry numerous options for DECT-connected headsets. Important criteria to consider when selecting a headset are voice quality, battery capacity in addition to maximum talk and standby times. Use the search bar and diverse filter options in our online shop to find the right model for your requirements. Our product managers will also be happy to answer any questions you may have.