Procurement - Jan 13, 2022

Why digitalise your IT purchases?

Digital transformation is becoming an unavoidable change for purchasing. Faced with the new challenges, corporate IT purchases need to be simple, safe, and fast in order to better negotiate prices and to better anticipate the customer’s needs.
Why digitalise your IT purchases? What new tools are there for reducing costs and saving time?

Find out about the easy, cutting edge options available to you for better IT provisioning.

Digitalising your IT purchasing is an important step to boosting your purchasing department’s performance, because standardising your processes and centralising data allow your employees to enjoy more streamlined management.
This digitalisation also allows you to better manage your expenses and secure your supplies thanks to enhanced control and monitoring. In addition, this solution allows for better data feedback that can be used to gain valuable insights, such as trends and consumption periods.


Save time on IT purchase

By digitalising purchases, e-procurement solutions allow companies to better optimise and manage their purchasing process.
Bechtle’s procurement solution is customer-focused and can be configured for greater price transparency and real-time market monitoring. By digitalising, you reduce your manual administrative tasks through lean, defined processes and the company retains full control over compliance through detailed user rights/profiles.


Find out more about the e-procurement solution by Bechtle.

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This post was published on Jan 13, 2022.