The Bechtle Software portfolio.

Computer programs to streamline your work.

Our online shop features the right software for various scenarios—from basic infrastructure and product development to full-scale IT lifecycle management and specialist programs for specific departments. Our security software category shines the spotlight on access protection and data security in the digital age. You’ll find solutions to securely incorporate mobile devices into your corporate network, for instance, as well as software to protect your data from unauthorised access. Software for secure, automatic backups, data deletion and archiving are available in the storage, backup and recovery category. And if your business involves managing and sharing numerous documents at once, check our our collaboration products.


Modern challenges posed by e-mail, cloud and security.

The range of software in our online shop includes products by name-brand providers such as Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec as well as Kaspersky, VMware and Citrix. We also offer solutions from specialists such as SolarWinds, JetBrains, Altova and many more. In addition to operating systems and security solutions, you’ll also find virtualisation software—an area that, alongside storage, servers and networks, promises to present newer, greater challenges in the future. In addition, our shop features an extensive selection of office applications, such as graphics and design software, CAD programs and statistics tools. Product development requires its own set of software—to manage data, build development environments and ensure professional project management—which we also offer. And this is just a cross-section of all the products you’ll find at


Make the right choice with Bechtle.

The more you invest in IT infrastructure and the larger your corporate network grows, the more complex your software and IT management becomes—just think of all the licences to keep an eye on! We offer these licences through agreement portals, thereby reducing administrative costs, delivering essential future updates and saving you cash with discounts. By centralising software purchases, you’ll also avoid the frustration of purchasing the same product twice. In addition, we feature licence shops for Microsoft and Adobe, each with a comprehensive product selection. But if you’re looking for licences from a another provider, we carry a wide range of these as well. Our product managers and software specialists will be happy to provide expert advice on proper licensing and answer any questions you may have.