People Development.


Bechtle is a place where great people accomplish great things.

Our employees are supported and challenged from their first day on the job. Our numerous support systems & our broad portfolio of training courses will prepare you for the future of the IT industry and enable you to achieve your goals. 

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What to expect.
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Continuing education.

In order to move forward in a very individual and targeted way, Bechtle supports internal as well as external continuing education.


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Individual development.

Regular exchanges, reflections and feedback promote the rapid and individual development of our employees.


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Optimization of individual potential.

We support our employees in the development of their potential and thus encourage their development.

General training.
Bechtle Mikado
It all starts with Mikado.

Mikado is your very own introduction at the company headquarters. This onboarding event teaches you all you have to know about Bechtle in two days—be it departments, services but also the company’s goals. This provides you with a platform to talk and network and will help you take your first steps at Bechtle. 

Further education for all
For everyone – The Bechtle Academy.

The Bechtle Academy offers every employee—from trainee to manager—a broad palette of options for their professional and personal growth. With over 100 seminars, plenty of webinars and extensive e-learning courses on specialist topics, communication and social skills, working methods and techniques, management and leadership and much more.

Further education for students
Maximised potential and guidance.

We support professional development, recognise potential, and allow the freedom to be creative and play to your unique strengths. We do so while paying attention to our employees’ needs and personal development plans, helping them every step of the way. You will receive support and support others—it’s a give and take.

Students development.
Weiterbildungsangebot für Studenten
Starting your career.

As a student, if you are looking for your first internship or work-study experience, we are here to support you by providing a valuable professional opportunity. You will have the chance to explore diverse roles, collaborate with different teams, and receive training tailored to enhance your skills.

Moreover, you will be assigned a dedicated mentor who has been specifically trained to guide and nurture your growth in your new position through regular follow-ups and constructive feedback.

Employee development.
For individual career paths.

Here at Bechtle, we place a great emphasis on your individual and professional development. This is why we offer our employees a customized training plan that aligns with their career path and internal mobility aspirations.

We provide several development opportunities, including access to LinkedIn Learning licenses, the Bechtle Academy, and various training sessions facilitated by internal and external experts.


Be your best
with Bechtle.



Be your best
with Bechtle.