Computing Warranties & Services

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                    Excellent customer service is paramount.

                    Warranties and services help solidify the foundation on which you plan your company’s future. When purchasing IT online, you must be able to rely on your supplier to provide excellent customer service. We carry over 70,000 products for business customers at—and this includes more than just hardware and accessories. We also offer unsurpassed service, such as expert advice and custom quotes, so you can procure tailored hardware setups and, if desired, have Bechtle systems integrators implement complete solutions. Our online shop also features leasing options and a convenient returns process.


                    Warranty extensions – Priceless.

                    Most manufacturers whose products we sell at offer comprehensive warranty upgrades for their hardware. And upgrading the basic, legally required warranty is definitely a good idea. For example, you can purchase affordable warranty extensions ranging from one to five years for new computers or POS systems. You’ll be glad you did if the technology you just spent a considerable portion of your budget on needs major repairs after a few years. HP and other manufacturers offer not only warranty extensions, but also care packages that deliver additional benefits, such as on-site, next-business-day service.


                    Extended warranties for PCs and workstations.

                    We offer a large selection of warranty options that can be purchased separately for the products available in our online shop. Many businesses are finding this to be an increasingly valuable service, as damaged computers or system outages can severely restrict time-sensitive work processes—and quickly become expensive. Protecting yourself with comprehensive warranty extensions and upgrades is therefore nothing short of vital. Use our filter options to select your product’s manufacturer and the desired duration of your warranty for a quick, convenient way to find the right care product for your computer or workstation.