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Bechtle France puts great faith in 2021

  • Bechtle France has set itself ambitious goals for 2021  to the tune of €120 m turnover and €5.7 m profit
  • Introduction of “as a Service” solutions to meet the customers’ needs for more flexibility and agility
  • Support of the Bechtle teams through workshops, recruiting and a new working environment.

After its upwards trajectory in 2020, Bechtle France continues to grow in 2021 in accordance with its development plan.


A clear vision for 2021

Setting a revenues target of €120 m, Bechtle France aims to grow by 6 % and make €5.7 m profit in 2021. The Bechtle teams will continue to support companies and public institutions in their digital transformation process despite the pandemic and the resulting economic situation.

Meeting customer requirements

“As a Service” will remain a viable solution for companies that require more agility and flexibility, especially in the current situation, which is why Bechtle introduced its “as a Service” solutions in March 2020 to meet the increasing demands of companies towards time saving, agility and cost optimisation, primarily with its DaaS solution.

“IT must always remain easy to use. Our customers do not require these tools to manage IT themselves, they use them to focus on their core business, no matter where they are", says Alain Baselga, CEO, Bechtle France. Bechtle offers its solutions to all customers in more than 11 European countries.


The French part of the Bechtle Group (including subsidiaries Bechtle Comsoft, ARP, inmac wstore and Bechtle France) achieved revenues of €680 m in 2020, making it one of the top 3 IT resellers in France.

This explains why Bechtle France seeks to continue its growth in France and support teams in their digital transformation by providing services from across the Bechtle Group’s portfolio—from IT hardware to solutions.

Passion for IT, care for people

This is the Bechtle teams’ guiding principle, which is reflected in our actions, especially through the establishment of centres of excellence throughout the Bechtle Group. The Software Competence Centre (CoE Software) run by Bechtle Comsoft is dedicated to further education of teams in software. The second  (CoE Marketing) focusses on supporting marketing teams as well as educating and training sales teams in the new Bechtle “as a Service” solutions. By providing support and trainings we wish to express our intention to make our customers as content as possible.

Expanding teams

Bechtle France currently has 16 vacancies listed to guarantee the continuity of its corporate growth and is recruiting in the fields of sales, quality assurance, marketing and even technical jobs, such as infrastructure consulting. To integrate these new employees in the best way possible and offer them a more comfortable working environment, Bechtle France has decided to move to new premises.

New premises to match our growth

Our 105 employees will be moving to a 3300 m²-sized building in Illkirch-Graffenstaden, a suburb of Strasbourg. The spacious interior, relaxing grounds, 800 m² communal area (sports, games, relaxation...), huddle rooms and modern conference rooms will hopefully provide the perfect space for us to grow to a staff size of 200 by 2026.


More information can be found in the full interview with Alain Baselga, CEO, Bechtle France here



About Bechtle.

Bechtle AG has 75 system houses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Its 24 e-commerce subsidiaries across 14 countries make it one of Europe’s leading IT companies.

Bechtle France is headquartered in Molsheim. The company was founded on 6 March 2000 and is led by CEO Alain Baselga. In 2020 it achieved revenues of €113 m and employed 105 staff.

Although its “as a Service” models play an essential role in its portfolio, the company also realises IT projects in the data centre, network, mobility and modern workplace sectors.



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