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Bechtle: Ramping up to 2022.

Following a very positive 19% jump in revenue to €133 m in 2021, Bechtle France is now ramping it up in 2022 and continuing to implement the company’s development plan without pause.


Some highlights at the start of the year:

  • The merger with ARP France in Antony south of Paris brings Bechtle France’s total revenue up to €164 m and marks the opening of the second Bechtle site in Greater Paris.
  • Bechtle opens new offices in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France.
  • Bechtle France grows its portfolio with new strategic solutions in IT e-commerce and extended reality (XR). 


Joining forces.
The merger with ARP France on 01 January 2022 and the consequent opening of another Bechtle office in Greater Paris is another stride towards our goal of being everywhere our customers need us.

A month later, the opening of a new Bechtle site in Aix-en-Provence on 1 February served as another case in point.

The fusion also means that we are pooling our existing strengths.

Besides a consolidated revenue of an outstanding €164 m, this includes the addition of new XR and e-commerce solutions to the growing Bechtle portfolio.

This underscores Bechtle’s standing as an IT solution provider in 2022 more than ever.


When fusion translates to solution.

Bechtle’s XR solutions open up all new opportunities for customers who can tap into the unique benefits of augmented, mixed and virtual reality.

Embedding these technologies in everyday processes can greatly increase team efficiency in a modern and ergonomic work environment.

Bechtle is also advancing efficiency, security and speed in IT e-procurement with the goal to further slash costs and eliminate unnecessary delays.

My IT Proc by Bechtle enables customers to unify and digitalise their procurement processes in five steps  that can be easily adapted to each individual company, allowing them to focus their full attention on generating added value.


Even closer to our customers.

Bechtle France continues to unlock and advance synergies between its three business units in order to enhance communication, customer proximity, and service quality.

Our presence in new regions offers new perspectives with the same high-quality service and support.

You can now find us here, too:

38 Parc Club du Golf, 350 Avenue Guilbert de la Lauzière, Aix-en-Provence


New career opportunities.

In 2022, Bechtle France wants to fill no fewer than 30 vacancies with promising talents to further grow our company.

Bechtle is a strong employer offering people great opportunities to develop while valuing individual contribution.

We’re looking for people to join our sales and marketing teams, as well as specialists in areas such as high-performance computing.

Visit our career pages for more information and to submit your application:





About Bechtle.

Bechtle AG is one of Europe’s leading IT providers, with 75 system houses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as 24 e-commerce subsidiaries in 14 European countries.

Founded on 6 March 2000, Bechtle France is headquartered in the north-eastern town of Illkirch-Graffenstaden and headed by Alain Baselga.

In 2021, 105 employees generated a revenue of some €112 m.

With a portfolio centred on as-a-service models, Bechtle France also delivers IT projects in the areas of data centre, networking, mobility, and the modern workplace.




Nina Drexel

Head of Corporate Communications, Bechtle France

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