Virtualisation in the modern data centre

– It’s easy with the right approach to planning.

The need to support business innovations in the best possible way and boost productivity are the drivers behind modernising data centre architectures. This creates the need for consolidation, simplified administration and an improved cost situation, as traditional data centres are often inflexible and require a lot of managing. From virtualisation to automation and dynamisation, Bechtle’s experienced consultants and data centre experts support you with precisely the right concepts to ensure that your IT is stable, efficient, scalable and always available.

The virtualisation of networks, servers and storage is a critical stepping stone on the way to a next generation data centre, but it’s not the only one because a growing number of resources can be outsourced to the cloud and used as an on-demand service as and when required. This means the data centre is extended into the cloud as an on-premise solution meaning data centre operations become more flexible and efficient. Hybrid scenarios are the future of the next generation modern data centre.

Managing Director, Bechtle Munich and Regensburg
Head of Virtualisation Bechtle AG

Roland König

Virtualisation = modernisation – Bechtle’s foundations and platforms of the future.

Rapidly growing data volumes thanks to Big Data, artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0 and IoT are posing every more complex questions of IT admins when it comes to the future of server and storage architecture. Ever more powerful servers and modern storage systems are needed that are high-performance and scalable and meet the requirements efficiency, automation and centralised management requirements. It’s no surprise that pretty much all companies are migrating their data and applications into the cloud, but that is only half the issue. There are still a lot of questions to be answered: Which server architecture is the right one? Are hyper converged infrastructures the best solution for businesses? To what extent can hybrid or software-defined storage solutions (e.g. vSAN) help? Not all servers and storage are the same. The latest processors have to be designed for critical workloads, real-time analyses and machine learning. Efficient storage architectures have to offer the highest levels of scalability and flexibility. The right mix is essential—powerful systems, server and storage virtualisation in a software-defined data centre, hyper converged solutions and the customised use of the cloud.

The future-oriented partner by your side.

Bechtle’s IT consultants and data centre experts have many years of experience, hold comprehensive certifications and are at the cutting edge of technology, and can help answer these questions. Whether that’s with data analyses and classification including compliance checks, server and storage assessments, network checks, considering energy efficiency and costs or identifying meaningful services. Lay the foundations with us – For the future of the data centre:

  • Strategy development and architecture consultation.
  • Data centre, storage, server, virtualisation, backup assessments.
  • Data centre infrastructure optimisation.
  • Monitoring and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Procurement, installation, virtualisation, automation and commissioning of network, server and storage structures.
  • Integration of backup and archiving solutions.

And with us, high data centre availability starts with a consultation. Reliability is and always will be a central topic for SMEs and corporations alike as interruptions to operations as a result of defective or incorrect hardware, cyberattacks, power outages or environmental issues are expensive and slow down processes. Redundancies in the IT architecture and recovery times therefore have to be planned from the get go. Bechtle works with the customer to calculate the Recovery Point Objective right from the start, taking into account services required, defining disaster recovery plans and creating overarching data centre monitoring.

Small room, big power – Hyper converged delivers dynamism to the data centre.

Hyper converged infrastructures (HCI) combine power and virtualisation, and consolidate software and hardware in one device for high-performance tasks in the smallest of spaces. Increasingly complex admin and IT management for deploying a growing number of applications becomes child’s play. On request, Bechtle will run the HCI as a Managed Service, a complete solution as Hyper converged as a Service, that includes procurement, financing, implementation and operation.

Ask us whenever you need to move the data centre to wherever data exists and applications are used, i.e. to give your data centre a new level of dynamism. Modern data centres need to be able to integrate seamlessly with cloud architectures and provide services where data are generated, processes and used. Bechtle is also on hand to support you through the transformation with the latest technologies from Cisco such as hyper converged and automated systems like Cisco HyperFlex and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI).

Your benefits:

Reduce costs and increase transparency: Always know who is using which resources.

Boost efficiency and flexibility: Automate services and processes and provision IT resources as required.

Simplify deployment and increase performance: Faster and more secure access to mutual resource pools.


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