Endpoint Security

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                      Software as an essential building block of security.

                      You’re constantly adding new PCs, tablets and smartphones to your company network, but you don’t want just anyone to have access. Improper network access permissions can easily lead to the theft of sensitive data. Fortunately, there are several ways to counter this threat—for instance by providing employee training, good firewalls and virus scanners, as well as encrypted remote connections such as SSL VPNs. A sophisticated endpoint security management strategy ensures adequate protection to keep your company successful for many years to come. And it also helps you comply with data-protection regulations.


                      Endpoint security by leading providers.

                      Our Bechtle online shop offers a broad selection of endpoint security solutions from trusted manufacturers, such as Symantec, Sophos, Kaspersky, Microsoft, G Data and Malwarebytes. Use them to block applications and centrally configure client firewalls, for instance. Microsoft provides software to monitor and secure end devices, including virtual and mobile clients. US-based Symantec offers proven Norton security technology to protect everything from Windows to Apple. And Ivanti's endpoint management solutions let you implement consistent patch management, which is highly recommended. Simply select what you need and lay the foundation for solid security in your company.


                      Weighing up features and services.

                      Which software you select depends on various factors. What solutions are you already using? What requirements must your endpoint security meet? Most manufacturers offer different degrees of protection in each of their solutions. G Data Antivirus Business, for instance, includes a virus monitor, exploit protection and mobile device management, while its Endpoint Protection Business adds device, application and web protection. A solution with more extensive features is therefore recommended if you want to protect your infrastructure from spyware and viruses without restricting remote user access. Our product managers will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.