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Enterprise networking – The intelligent backbone of your business.

New developments such as AI, machine learning and analytics are revealing the need to meet new requirements such as programmability, automated set-ups and changes to and visibility in the network as well as network access control and rule-based network segmentation. New software-based consumption models and software-defined networking as well as cloud-based networking and edge computing or even self-teaching networks require enterprise networking to completely rethink itself in order to keep a strong a backbone.

Networks have to be easy, automated and cloud-ready. What you require is a new intelligence that coordinates, networks and evaluates communication in your company—and is of course always on. The increasing number of end devices and remote workers can be integrated and managed easily. For company IT security, network security plays a very important role, since company-relevant information is transferred on the network and provided to employees.  Access should only be granted to those that have all the necessary permissions.

The advantages of a future-proof enterprise network:

Guaranteed security.

Constant monitoring and fast adjustments when business policies are not adhered to.



Simplified network management.

Automated stock-taking and lifecycle management through health monitoring and real-time information.


Easier implementation of quality-of-service.

Real-time prioritisation of business-critical applications, virtualisation and automation of network-wide configurations.



Improved access checks.

Rule-based segmentation, definition of rules of behaviour and improved intelligence for protection, analytics and cloud security in the infrastructure.



enterprise networking

Wi-Fi planning and coverage assessment.

Request your own personal Wi-Fi simulation package as a Bechtle service.

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Bechtle has a comprehensive network of experts who have planned and implemented a multitude of Wi-Fi installations. Benefit from this professional, simulated coverage assessment of your Wi-Fi infrastructure and their experience.

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Networks have to be easy, automated and cloud-ready. We’re happy to help you modernise your network. Extensive expertise you can rely on.

LAN switching – Modern and intelligent networking.

Modern LAN switching means more than just a network. The LAN-switching infrastructure connects an array of systems and devices to each other that need to communicate inside the company network. Highly available and secure LANs are crucial for companies due to increasingly bandwidth-heavy applications e.g. video communication and the increased use of Wi-Fi technologies. The focus no longer lies solely on having connectivity with a certain bandwidth. Networks are taking on more and more tasks to increase the security and availability of communication and prevent unwanted access, while making sure that data from company-critical applications are transferred with the highest priority – and hence guaranteeing quality-of-service.

LAN switches have long become the basis for new opportunities in the network, for example when integrating building services or a lot of sensors that can be controlled and managed intelligently through switches. Virtualisation and central management of hardware, control software and applications have made software-defined networking the new paradigm, allowing IT to control and optimise business-critical applications as needed. LAN switching is modern and intelligent enterprise networking.


Wireless LAN – Where quality and stability count.

The question is no longer whether wireless LAN will be used extensively in companies or not, but rather, where and under which circumstances. Wi-Fi networks belong to everyday IT and are what allow the most different of devices to communicate with each other from anywhere in the world, be it notebooks, tablets or smartphones, or intelligent building services, monitoring or even machines in production. Quality and stability are becoming a central success factor for Wi-Fi infrastructures.

  • Stable, performant and country-wide Wi-Fi coverage
  • Secure access for company-own and private devices (BYOD) as well as for guests
  • Use of added value services (UC/video, analytics, localisation)
  • Network access control in LAN and wireless environments (NAC, 802.1X)
  • Easy management, transparency, diagnostics / analysis options and debugging

We use solutions from market leaders to support you in all these areas, complemented with components from our portfolio – whether controller-based, controllerless or even cloud-based solutions, we have a solution available for every one of your needs. Of course, we can also assess your Wi-Fi network for you (site survey). Our Wi-Fi portfolio is rounded off with the Bechtle Network as a Service offerings.

AssenheimerMulfinger - WLAN stabile per tutti gli ospiti.

Bechtle ha installato da AssenheimerMulfinger una soluzione WLAN, che garantisce una rapida implementazione e una gestione semplice. La soluzione di rete viene gestita tramite il cloud.

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Network security – Control access to your company network.

With its different access routes and variety of devices, network access control (NAC) is becoming a central component of network security, defining which parties are allowed to communicate via the network and which not. Role-based guidelines protect the network from malware and unauthorised access, allowing only guideline-compliant devices and users to access sensitive company data and resources. Intelligent enterprise networks are capable of using behaviour-based analyses to recognise deviations from the norm and activate countermeasures instantly. The use of modern, next-generation firewalls is essential, as it protects the company network through advanced functions such as URL filtering and advanced malware protection and reacts to zero day attacks.

Regardless of routers, switches, firewalls, Wi-Fi controllers, access points or cloud-based network components and services, Bechtle will provide you with state-of-the-art technology for interconnected, integrated security features for next-generation network security. We address many other topics related to security in company networks on the IT Security page.


Security solutions include:

  • Perimeter security with next-generation firewall solutions
  • Deep packet inspection
  • Intrusion prevention/detection methods
  • Network access control in LAN and wireless environments (NAC, 802.1X)
  • MAC-layer encryption (MacSEC)
  • Encryption of WAN connections (IPsec/AES)
  • Anomaly detection (malware, DDoS and DeOS attacks)
  • Advanced data-traffic visualisation and analysis (NetFlow, sFlow) to detect threats early on
  • Network components with integrated security features to protect against address spoofing, false identities and man-in-the-middle attacks
  • End-to-end implementation of security policies spanning all areas of your business network
  • Comprehensive, connected security management for a full overview of network security 

These solutions must be addressed through an appropriate IT security architecture suited to your company’s needs.

WAN and SD-WAN – Think local, act global.

Modern and flexible WAN concepts become necessary as soon as widescale national or global networking of different locations and production facilities must be provided in a safe and performant way. These concepts must also take into account that increasing numbers of remote workers are accessing company resources via remote access VPNs and integrate small offices and remote workspaces into the company network. In addition, WAN concepts must support a company’s cloud strategy and incorporate requirements related to using cloud services (e.g. SaaS).

Some concepts that meet these are: A company-operated wide area network, booking a service at a WAN service provider or constructing an internet-based virtual private network. A company-operated WAN often entails a lot of effort for network operation and requires extensive technological know-how. Topics such as monitoring and the optimisation of the WAN or additional encryption technologies only make things more complex.


To avoid the extensive effort required, you could also book bespoke Managed Services to get everything set up properly: Operative services, WAN routers and agreed SLAs are provided as a complete package. 

More and more companies are deciding to go for software-defined networking that offer very flexible network structures, centralised management and control mechanisms, high availability, extensive integrated security functions, application optimisation as well as easy operation. In addition, these networks support optimised cloud-based applications and hence improve the user experience.

Questions about enterprise networking?

Bechtle offers you a complete solution from a single source with the Bechtle SD-WAN as a Service (powered by ngena). Not only does this have the advantages of an SD-WAN solution, but it also addresses the topic of service provider services thanks to our partnership with ngena.

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