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                      Mechanical protection for sensitive data.

                      The more confidential your stored data, the more critical it is to protect it. Our online shop features various office appliances to prevent such data from falling into the hands of unauthorised individuals. Hard drives can be wiped to protect data, but if you want to be sure that the data cannot be retrieved, the next step is to mechanically destroy the media using a special appliance. Although this seems old-fashioned, once it’s done, data is well and truly destroyed. And that may not always be the case with software solutions.


                      Professional document shredding.

                      Despite the hype, offices are still not entirely paperless—which is why every business needs a shredder to protect their data. Confidential information is just as vulnerable on CDs and DVDs as it is on paper. To destroy it, you’ll need powerful equipment, which Bechtle carries a broad selection of in our online shop. Most shredders are capable of shredding paper, CDs and DVDs alike. Smaller models are useful to keep on employees' desks for destroying copies of internal documents that are no longer required. Heavier-duty shredders are better suited for large volumes and often feature timers, allowing them to function without human intervention. Take advantage of the variety of mechanical technology available to protect your data from prying eyes.


                      Levels of shredder security.

                      The most fundamental shredder criterion is the size of the particles it produces. In our shop, you’ll find shredders of all security levels to protect everything from in-house correspondence to top-secret documents. In addition to particle size, other criteria to consider include bin capacity, shredding speed and noise level. If the aim is to preserve documents, however, rather than destroy them, you’ll need a laminator. These appliances let you make documents and photos durable and keep them safe from dirt, moisture and spills. Our online shop carries primarily professional-grade systems by Leitz and Fellowes, including laminators and the corresponding laminating pouches, available in different sizes and thicknesses. If you have any questions, our expert product managers will be happy to assist.